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I have a question. My claim balance just hit zero. Will I get that eventually? Follow up Originally Posted by jd JTGJR, you are a life saver. Thank you for checking back on my post. I can relax now and reapply in april when my balance reaches zero. I will browse the link you posted as well.

I can't wait to get back to work. My Own Follow Up Hopefully this helps someone out I wish I had read something like this about a month ago : When your first 6 months worth of benefits run out, the EDD recommends you do nothing. They automatically assume you want to be extended, and will file an extension for you. I got this information from their website. Then, from my own experience, this is exactly what happens. I recently ran out of my first balance; and then subsequently I received my new claim forms for the first extension--with a new balance to work with!

I know it was scary for me watching my first balance fall to zero even though I had 6 more months left on my claim, but worry not: your first extension is filed for you. Good luck, and happy job-hunting to everyone!

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  • So D, I just received my last payment of my very first 6 months. It read like this "You received all benefits payable on your claim. Since you may qualify for extended benefits call your unemployment insurance office immediately or visit our web site When Inquired about this a couple months earlier they said they file it automatically and that I was to sit tight when my balance reached zero? Does this sound familiar to you? Claim Balance Zero. I read it in some site and it works.

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    The best time to call EDD, I heard every thursday afternoon or before closing time between pm to pm. I was lucky to get through on these time. Just wait a letter from EDD. Don't need to file anything on line. I will post it again if its really gonna happen according to EDD. If I don't find employment before my unemployment runs out, I'll be moving to Maryland quicker than I planned.

    We are already planning on moving there some time next year.

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    My extension was filed automatically by EDD. The website did not even allow me to file it, even though there was a link.

    FACEBOOK INSIGHTS show ZERO REACH: Here is WHY! Glitch or Wrong Content?

    Location: where the moss is taking over the villages. I have unemployment insurance that has been approved for 1 year sept 08 to sept My claim balance on my checks looks like will reach zero by mid april 09 tho.

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    I am trying to contact EDD but no luck reaching a live person as of yet. Wellington City Council is seeking feedback on Te Atakura — First to Zero: its blueprint for a zero carbon capital city, which was released today. The blueprint outlines key activities relating to transport, building energy, advocacy and other areas to reduce emissions that cause climate change. It balances activities that reduce emissions, like using electric cars, with others that absorb them, like planting trees, to reach its goal of zero carbon in Wellington city.

    It also outlines a plan for the Council itself to reach zero carbon. Mayor Justin Lester says this is the perfect time to be talking about how Wellington can lead the way to a zero carbon future. Councillor Lee believes choosing not to act is not an option. A sea level rise of 1. It could also compromise a quarter of the rates the Council takes in, making it difficult to fund responses to the challenge. In addition, more active forms of transport and higher standard homes could save money for Wellingtonians and present an appealing future for other reasons, particularly health benefits.

    He believes Wellington can help reduce climate change and that every contribution makes a difference.

    When I Reach Zero When I Reach Zero
    When I Reach Zero When I Reach Zero
    When I Reach Zero When I Reach Zero
    When I Reach Zero When I Reach Zero
    When I Reach Zero When I Reach Zero
    When I Reach Zero When I Reach Zero
    When I Reach Zero When I Reach Zero

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