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What techniques do the more successful puzzle solvers use when starting the puzzle? Games: 1 : Giadonna, Rumpus, tink 2 : socks, rumpus, BlueWombat 3 : Socks, Giadonna, BlueWombat 4 : tink, socks, cliff 5 : Amsterdam, BlueWombat, socks 6 : Amsterdam, socks, mnm 7 : Amsterdam, tink, socks 8 : tink, socks, G, tripleggg So, socks wins with 16 points, then Amsterdam with 12 and tink with I'd still like confirmation I'm not wasting my time keeping scores etc. If any of socks, tink or Amsterdam read this post, could you let me know and also say if you knew you were competing for the KingFerret challenge.

Also I wish to suggest to all jigsaw players to try Shisen game, seeming difficult in the beginning but soon becomes easier and fun! Lots of people playing - good fun! It is rather frustrating when the game rejects old English words like "whilst","wright" or "wight". It even rejects the much used but,in context,quite accurate Saxon word "shit" Flag Inappropriate.

Do you play other games too? Is she really your daughter Viva? She is lovely and very strong character, I wish her every success! Whenever you feel like to suggest something for our site, please contact me directly through the site. Thanks again for unique submissions, they are always outstanding. Here are the scores, ignoring the pesky Guests who make keeping the score just that tad more difficult.

Next weekend, clocks change in Europe, so the UK will be back on the 9pm start. Interesting to read Phoenix's tips and techniques in the previous post, which contained two things that I never actually do - firstly I never use the keyboard, and secondly I never Rotate. A few experiments and by rotating I'm just making the same words again. So, here are some questions to answer: 1.

In a brilliant piece of Machiavellian thinking, has Phoenix sold us a pup by suggesting keyboarding and rotating? Sensational way to keep the competition away. Phoenix - dictionary definition "a creature of outstanding beauty OR quality". Which one are you? Should this be taken seriously? It's adorable! Thanks, Sam for contributing it. They are colorful and fun Other problems too. Please try request again. Stays highlighted Flag Inappropriate. Is anyone else having problems with WF showing scores? I've tried logging off then back on as well as restarting my computer to see if it was something on my end, but found same result.

Typically, this wouldn't bother me, but earlier today I made my all time high score on sudoku and it did not post. BTW, jigsaw jam daily challenge is not showing my rating either. Any advise would be appreciated. RedHerring - if there's a server problem again, don't forget that I've got a lawn that needs mowing. How many letters and what was the score?

How about more than one a day? They're fun! I'm unable to run the King Ferret challenge for the next 4 weeks so hurt am I at not getting an invitation to the Royal Wedding that PinkWombat and I are going off on holiday to a ferret-free zone. So a Volunteer is needed if the competition is to continue, who may also feel that there's a better time to play - e.

Sunday evening in North America. Alternatively, readers may wish to continue to follow the mental disintegration of RedHerring and his continuing battle against life, sioux, socks and Phoenix, who has now taken schadenfreude to a new and previously unimagined level. Anyone else? How much ya bench, err whats your best times? Looking at just the Hard level big board 20 , i have found my best scores to be around to I have a goal of getting a sub , but so far my best has been Im sure many have bested this, so wanted to know what your best times were, to give me something to aim for.

Will you ever put Sudoku on a CD? I travel frequently and cannot access it while traveling. There are many places that have no internet and phone access, and of course the travel time itself is offline, which. I would like to continue to play sudoku on my computer, but don't like the versions I have been able to buy.

I would jump at the chance to purchase a CD of your version. Will this ever be possible. I have noticed that when I contribute several images that usually one or more does not get published. Is there a limit on submissions for one person, or maybe something that makes a photo unsuitable? I saw another post about photos of children not being allowed, yet there was a great one recently showing a child and dog praying.

Sometimes even my pictures of fountains, nature, etc don't appear. I have been doing the jigsaws for several months now and only started contributing recently when I apparently had completed everything in the library. I put up several each day so I can complete them the next day at work, and must admit I'm sometimes quite disappointed when one of my favorites does not appear next day. Should I just put them in my personal area rather than the public contributions to guarantee they will be there? Many Thanks jnetx Flag Inappropriate. Possibly from the herring family? It would help keep this game more honest and also give an extra dimension to comparing scores with yours.

Can this be fixed.. Have been trying to upgradeto 4. They know me because a key is provided to activate.. What do the "votes" mean and how do you vote for a picture? The word list was made by a British person? Interesting you find the word list frustrating because it is not British enough, and I find it too British! You will be ecstatic to know that the gardening is complete and now lungwort free.

I have expunged all the pulmonaria officinalis that I can find. I will have another break when it all grows back again. Very frustrating. But my scores run "middle of the pack". Could you offer a feature that would allow a player - at the completion of their puzzle - to hypothetically adjust their completion time on a "what if" basis to see what it would take to achieve a winning score?

Where do you Log-in? My site says missing plug-in! Your note says you must be logged. There is no log-in prompter in the upper right hand corner. Please help! I have to click out and come back in. What's happening? Is Everying Okay in England? I trust my "cough, cough" was taken as a friendly retort to the gauntlet you threw down. I hope everything's okay with you and that you're happily gardening or enjoying other non ferreting activities.

Hope everthing is well with you too.

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Hi to Socks and Sioux, too. Perhaps you've all broken free of the WF addiction. Alas, I'm still hooked and there's a new group of challengers on my tail. And way to go, Pollie -- you're on Tufty's heals. I find it very hard to see that anyone can do it in some of the times posted. What happened to the downloaded version? Is there any way I could play without having to log on the server that seems to be out? You've battled your way back to the top!

Like dortlyl, I also wish there were more than one a day! There's something that's been nagging at me that I need to get off my mind. I was laughing so hard at the Brits' posts that I never inquired about your kayaking holiday. Not that there is any connection between kayaking and cooking -- other than alliteration and adventurousness.

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At any rate, how was the kayaking trip? Greece now is in great trouble economic as well as political, such as never has been before. We have to fight for the wellfare and independence of our country. Anyone who feels like giving any kind of support please contact me through facebook [Maro Pisani]. Any suggestions? Can't play!! Then, most important : We, Sepia and i can only play to wordruffle, ALL the other games, Jigsaw too : are opening but there's nothing no image, no ghost, no cards, no numbers, no tents, etc , even after refresh with F5.

What's the problem, please, Doc? Thanks a lot Flag Inappropriate. Stopped playing back in February, but came back on to just wish everyone well. I hope the remainder of treats you well. Regards, Bobo. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you fix it? If you can, you should be proud and happy to show proof.

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I don't know if you think you are cool having your name at the top every day or what. I bet you couldn't even solve the easy puzzle. Solve One Cell - giving wrong answer? I'm looking at today's hard puzzle in the 15 fleet size. Asking for a hint points to a specific cell, which I can't see a logical solution for so I ask the puzzle to solve one cell. The result is "Cell in row 6, col 4 is Segment - Must be part of carrier". Checking the puzzle immediately after results in "Solution not correct!

Something weird with just today's puzzle or something in the software that I am just now experiencing? I've never finished a puzzle in under 3 and a half minutes before! Some of their high scores could only be achieved by plugging in the numbers from an already solved puzzle, unless they are idiot savants in this game like those who can solve the Rubik's cube in 30 seconds.

Unfortunately, just banning the cheaters won't help, as they will just come back with a new ID. Perhaps the administrators could determine what is humanly feasible and ban scores higher than that, or give them an asterisk that says "We have calculated that that this score is likely not possible to achieve without cheating". Perhaps then we can get albatros and Natalie and a few others to take on someone else directly and see if they can score as high with a brand new puzzle that they haven't had a chance to solve in advance. Uploading new jigsaw puzzles.

I have uploaded them in the past and got a message back straight away saying that they will appear in the next few days, but this time i'm not receiving any message at all. Can anyone please help. For example, if I score 78 and the bot scores 4, the message appears "you made the leaderboard", but my score never appears on the leadboard itself.

Bremen poker

Can nayone help? The challenge puzzle is randomly selected between a 15 or 20 grid and medium or hard. I'm not going to do it again because it doesn't feel right. Please stop cheating 'couse this game is to cool to cheat on it. I'm very curious how would look the leadboard if people wouldn't cheat. If it's possible to erase my other acount the name is "Eliana". I have never been on the high score list.

But I also believe there are unrealistic scores and could only be achieved by cheating. My suggestion to stop cheats, Is to only allow you to enter each game once and have no pause button. As the only way I can see how a person could cheat is by entering the game copying the number pattern, pausing the game or closing it down.

Is it possible to program an option to change the colors as in the classic version. I have also found that changing from pen to pencil constantly gets tedious. An option to make these changes through a mouse click would be greatly appreciated. Over all, though, a great game. This is seriously spoiling my enjoyment of this game!!!!! Tell me. Let us know when it's over. If you can't stop the cheat, why don't you just stop the challenge?

It's spoiling it for everyone else. At the top and holding. Glad that you've added Yuboto to the daily challenges, Thanks Flag Inappropriate. When I am away from home I miss my daily puzzles and they are not archived in the newly added puzzles.

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Please rush this application! JoyceBates Flag Inappropriate. So some days I only finish a few puzzles, and bail out on many more, which is not really as fun as I'd like. Can there be a mode that penalizes you for quitting, and calculates an 'average time-to-finish' rather than the current harsh scoring system? And also the store that I buy it from? Kind of creepy I already switched from google to altavista, thinking it might be the browser.

Honestly, it gives me the creeps. RobinD Flag Inappropriate. Already played message when you haven't? I just logged in and it said I had already played today when I have not Are there no new games on the weekend? Where did you get your words? I enjoy playing with all of you. There's a few standouts. You know who you are. Thanks, Brian Flag Inappropriate.

Your score is very improved! Greetings, Willem Flag Inappropriate. I use the mouse wheel to toggle between small and large numbers, but now when I toggle, the screen jumps and all continuity of play is ruined. I love Sudoku, but you've, perhaps inadvertently, taken the fun out of it. Mine was from the movie "Finding Nemo" and the fish in the tank say, "Curse you, Aquascum! So, my husband was going to use "curse you" but didn't think that it was a very nice name, especially if we weren't playing together. Couldn't have that happen! It should only eliminate the known numbers on the same line, incline, and decline.

Let the user eliminate out-of-range numbers, and use triangulation and other techniques to solve the puzzle. Lately there have been some beautiful puzzles but the maximum number of pieces is only or Can't we have the higher number available? Any reason that input is now slow and jumpy? On the sudoku regular in a new window and challenge the cursor seems to skip around and there is a delay when I click. It only seems to happen here not on other sites or offline. Any changes that could cause this? Anyone else experiencing it? Or is it just me? Enjoy playing the games!

It makes it easier to select next menu item, especially if you are using a laptop with a mouse pad. It'd be cool if the time of the puzzle showed on the screen, or I got a message when I clicked one again reminding me that I'd already done it. Would like to be able to "view all scores for day" like unto the Shisen challenge.

Right now leader board only shows top 15 for the day. I would like to be able to see the top so that I could compete daily against others at the same standard as me. What gives? As an example, early this morning around 1AM I completed the three rounds with a perfect score. Two others had already posted a perfect score, and so a message appeared that i am in third place makes sense. Later this afternoon I see that i am in 10th place, as 9 others have also had perfect scores.

So what determines what place you finish if you have a perfect score? We miss playing with you. We hope thta you are well. The Facebook version of Sudoku is ok. Please fix the problem. Porkchop Flag Inappropriate. So I finished it after the deadline. And my result appeared on the leaderboard for the new day. Then I played the challenge for the new day, but it refused to post my result as I was already on the leaderboard.

Including both the pencil and pen on the Icon doesn't do much for me since I key off the color in the Icon to shift between pencil and pen. So be it I'll adapt to the color change and still plod along in the middle of the pack. How is this possible? Just to link the border pieces it self takes 8 to 10 minutes. Can any top ranking jigsaw solver guide Flag Inappropriate. I must be signing on before the it's ready and the challenge opens blank. Then when I try again it tells me I've already played.

Is there something I should know about the timing of the new challenge for the day?

Mahjong set singapore options are available to you, such as free

It gave a difficulty rating of I have never seen one that high in the tough puzzles. I solved the puzzle without any x or y wings. Usually the higher difficulty ratings include a number of those. In any case, I got a ridiculously high score. Xmas comes early this year???? Where can I dispute? I love the game; not good enough to get on leader boards, but aarrghh! Can I fix this? Can You? Thanks for entertaining and challenging games. I try it a second time and receive a message that I already played.

When I submit my score, it only posts less than half the time. The rest of the time it just sits there. Has this been tested in Firefox? When I try to start over, I'm told I have already played. Not happy Flag Inappropriate. They said they would be reviewed but they have never showed up. Are there certain guidelines the puzzles must be? Use of the ghost should, at the very least , have a penalty added. Just sayn'. Does anyone else remember when the games included double consonants?

Or, slightly more worrying, was I dreaming? And what's happened to the X and the Z? Why are there so many animals playing - wombats, ferrets, kookaburras and some more fantastical bird-dogs and a phoenix? Is the demise of Red Herring temporary or will he return, and if so, what as? Other suggestions? Is this the first ever declaration of passion on WordFerret not hitherto known as a dating site and does she luv you?

Is it Mr Schute or Mrs Chute? I think we should be told. What's the best word you've made that's not been in the dictionary? And how frustrating is that? I came up with "penalised" and "ceilidh" the other day, and neither of them were allowed. Outraged I was, although PinkWombat was unmoved. I guess there are a lot of animals playing and items of clothing, Socks.

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Who knows where we come up with these names. Happy Holidays from San Diego. Fun playing with you. So, if I enter the number 1 in a cell and move to the next, regardless of the key I press it enters 2, then 3 and so on. Is this a setting I have accidentally activated? If so, how do I "deactivate" so the number pressed is the number entered?

Points Challenge: Correct moves flagged as errors? I hope you guys can fix it. Is anybody else getting the same message? I tried to enter to play challenge and the game was bugged or blocked. I'll try after that but I can't because I have a message telling me "you already play the challenge for today".

Незабаром стартує сервіс пошуку аферистів

That's not true I have not the opportunity to play for today. And it happens frequently. There is a solution? Bye Flag Inappropriate. The talent level on here just keep amazing me. Merry Christmas Flag Inappropriate. Can't Play Daily Challenge! When I close the annoying ad, it says "Already Played" for the daily challenge.

So Frustrating!!! Any tips for improving my solution speed? The top scores are approaching 60 seconds many days. On a 12x12 grid that's more than two clicks per second to solve the problem. That seems crazy fast without factoring in thinking time. Happy my friends! Need to get a life!! All the best for the new year to you all. And now I'll try again and i have the same message "you already play challenge today" but this is not true. It happens frequently. It was for a short time I don't know if it's important but the number of the puzzle was " NaN " unlike usually when it's a very big number I am upgrading the multi-user version to a "real" multi-user server in the next few days that is able to give instantaneous messaging.

The new version will have the leaderboard updated frequently during the round and also allow chat. Because it is now technically possible, I am thinking of introducing another option separate room where every time you enter a word, it will immediately reflect in all other player's list and you will only score if you are the first to find the word. It will affect the percent scores of course and I will need to rethink how to grade players.

We are very competitive on here, so it will be very interesting! It's a bit anoying but it's not the end of the world Don't worry ,I'll stop "ringing the alarm"every time that happens. Sorry again if I've been anoying. Thanks : Flag Inappropriate. Where did the average rankings per age category go? Was it moved or discontinued? Ty in advance, John. Is there something wrong with the page loading? Once I had finished it went blank and my time didnt come up.

Why, why, why?? Considering how much of it I drink!! I am an attorney under constant stress. My elixir is the ability to play with my faceless friends during the day at my desk. You guys are terrific -- very special. The inability to interact with each other is actually very special, yet at times frustrating. Jazz Flag Inappropriate. The last couple of days I've seen user names that are nearly identical apart from a number beside them, and one always has a higher score than the other. Today mdbc and mdbc2 are 1 and 2 on the board. Is there a bit of cheating going on here?

If so, its unfair on the rest of us who do the challenge honestly! Help us, please. Play with Others is Great! I don't know how long it's been up, but it's terrific. Thanks, DKM! You're the best! And we are for first time! He must play the puzzle again using another login name Flag Inappropriate. Is there any way I can edit my clues after submission? It didn't turn out quite how I meant it to.? Cheating again!!!!! You know who you are RN and your aliases Is there any way you can stop this? Also, for some time now, the pencil and pen have been reversed. For beginners, I mean groups such as are-ear-era; its-sit-tis; ate-eat-tea; apt-pat-tap.

The longest set I have found is drawer-redraw-reward-warder-warred points. Two 8-letter words get you points staccato-toccatas; dioxides-oxidised. You get the point! Any humorous ways to remember all 3 when I only see one? You could give everyone an initial ranking as in chess of x number of points and then add or subtract points depending upon the outcome of a match and the relative ranking of each player.

So, for instance, players A and B might start out with a ranking of The one that won would increase his or her ranking by 50 points and the one that lost would decrease his or her ranking by the same amount. Players would only play opponents comparable in ranking. You could also establish an initial ranking by requiring everyone who wants to play head to head matches complete a puzzle that did not require the use of a pencil.

The time it takes to finish it establishes their ranking. To make it fair, disable the ability to enter numbers via the keyboard so an accountant type person would not have a dextrous as opposed to mental advantage. More cheating! It devalues the challenge for everyone else!!!! Some really good players out there I would love to meet whoever uses 'BigDumbDog'. Always puts a smile on my face!

Watch out though I personally think it's a ploy to lull us into a false sense of security! Please Flag Inappropriate. Dear Janet, Why WF and not chocolate? Does this mean what I think it does? They are able to chat though. I'm often meant to be doing a chore but find myself hiding behind my iPad trying to get another quick game in. Then I hear Fraser coming and quickly hide my iPad under the cushion and act all innocent!!

I'm fairly certain he knows but kudos to him for pretending he doesn't. First day of Lent! Now let's see I love my husband, my beer and Word Ferret. I'm really going to miss him! Is it possible not to let "Guests" play the challenge? In other words, all the "guests" should register first to play. Can this be done? Thank you. It's not the first time.

Moreover even, what on earth "active number mode" is trying to acheive? Quite a brilliant thing the points challenge, especially the tough room. Would be quite good if several were run in parallel but out of sync by 30 secs so that early finishers could get a chance to start earlier again. Getclint Flag Inappropriate. Is it possible to also separate the rankings between the Green Room and the Gold Room? Because of some of the top notch players in the Gold Room some of us in the Green Room will never climb the ranks.

I have attempted this several times with a picture that is x and every time I go to view the private puzzle pictures the program says I don't have any. Are the pictures available immediately after loading or is there a delay? More ruffle combo fun - help us think of more! I enter, I cant see anything and when I reentered I have the same message "You already play the challenge today" or something like that.

I can't understand why? It happens to me frequently. And the results, I must wait 24 hours just to play. Really happy to play with such good ferreters. Good luck everyone. Once had same game, in back to back rounds! Do I need to update my page? I just reiterate that it is very easy for one to know how to cheat and to proceed, but please take consideration of some fine players who yet do not want to and thank you : Flag Inappropriate. I mean, i'll click on one, and the screen goes smaller than usual and none of the jigsaw pieces are there.

Been like this since yesterday afternoon and I have no idea what is wrong. Pity about yest dont know where it went. Proposal for game arrangement between mids and youngsters!!! If you are in between years old you may choose in which one group you wish to play. You may also propose something different! All ideas are wellcome! EXcuse my english, I hope the meaning is clear: Flag Inappropriate.

First off, let me say this is a great site and that the interface you have developed is excellent. A problem others have noted seems to be getting worse, and that is when one is booted out of a game supposedly for 10 minutes so that the software can update. I think I saw in your FAQ that thios was due to a browser issue. Being a Web Application developer myself, I would like to challenge that idea. Tonight, several of us were booted simultaneously from the same game. Thus it cannot be a browser issue. Are you guys using clustered servers?

If so, I would suspect the problem lies in the cross-talk between them. This can occur for two reasons. The first is if the logic on the server side changes, the room has to be closed to allow this change to be reflected in the server. This is now very rare as there is little need to change anything.

The other reason is when I have to restart the multi-user server. In this case all rooms are suddenly closed. Normally this should not have to be done but there is some undiagnosed problem that is causing the server computer to use excess cpu with time. So, after days of continuous running, I restart the server which gives this message. I hope to resolve this issue soon something to do with.

If you get the message, you can reconnect immediately. You wait a long time and then you click again and it tells you that you have already played. Sometimes if you just wait and wait it will finally load and you may have already lost a few seconds when you start but at least you get to play. Here are the results for the 3 fist in each game: 1st 2nd 3d 1. Kentish Woman 3. Kentish W fitzu Dune 6. Sayana hipvil nanana Sayana ub ccocallas Dune Sayana hipvil Sayana ria hilz Sayana nanana ccocal Sayana Dune ccocal Sayana hitz jadefarmer Sayana cocal Aardvard Aardvard hipvil tako I hope everyone had fun and maybe we can repeat the constest an other Sunday!

Thanks everyone for joyfull participation! Best jigsaw site. The pieces look and behave like real puzzle pieces. However, I would like the pictures to be bigger, at least twice as big, with the same resolution. I'd also like to see better photo compositions. Some of them are so lackluster in lighting and composition. Is there an editor at work here? Let's bring in a photo editor. After playing the challenge, I find some exact words being used when playing with others.

Or some of the most obscure words show up there, and are also part of the challenge. Seems like an unfair advantage, or a way to force us to play with others first. Thanks for such a great challenge. Both of our "names" reflect that. So, here are some of the ones we came up with: An aggressive player?

Enjoy and please feel free to add to the list! So IF I had where is my score? I didnt even get the chance. Grrrrrrrr Flag Inappropriate. NO Score again!!! I played today and my score wasnt posted again. I am very annoyed Flag Inappropriate. It requires a "sign in" but does not show a place to sign in except to register as a new user.

It also requires Adobe Flash Player which Apple will not allow. Tried to download Firefox, but that didn't work either. How can I improve my speed? I use a mouse, perhaps they type quickly. I have seen word unscramblers online. If you reply, please be kind, I'm recovering from foot surgery and just hoping to improve my game. He thinks it is because of his wireless modem. I don't believe a word of it.

Hanidoku Down Today? Made me laugh. Posted it, it was there for a while, then disappeared. Love this game! Old puzzles? I miss the bigger library, it gave us such a good selection! Probably a problem in Gold Room, too. Click a square with the mouse cursor. The square changes color, demonstrating it has been "acquired". Quickly less than about 0. So then we slow it down a bit, and increase the delay say 0. Number does not register! Have to press the numeric key, again, to get it to register.

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Extremely annoying for players who use keyboard numeric keys and are fast. I double check entries, and also solve the same puzzle with other solving websites Flag Inappropriate. Please note that this is a "standalone" application - it does not connect to the internet or access images from this site or the daily challenge.

You can now select a texture for the background, adjust the visual thickness of the pieces and the tolerance of fit - ie how close each piece needs to be to an adjacent one before they will click together. This option cant be changed for the daily challenge. You can also bring single pieces to the front so they are not hidden behind larger joined sections.

Greetings, loumi Flag Inappropriate. Don't know how he was doing it, but it was a bit of a pain for the rest of us. Maybe you can block him dk? Never loaded challenge Teach me what to do Could this be addressed? But yesterday when a new version of Sudoku was posted on Facebook I was unable to launch a new puzzle after clicking on the "Daily Challenge". The problem continues today. I'm using the latest version of Safari. Is a fix in the works? For some reason I cannot play under Firefox anymore but I don't know why. Anyway, under Firefox I have the problem that my cursor gets hung up on a block, and I toggle between pen and pencil to solve it.

On IE today however, that problem was horrible, every ten entries or so the cursor would get hung up. It is most annoying when you wrongly enter a number in a box, wrongly because the cursor is hung up, and thus wrongly all the pencil marks with that number disappear. Undoing the mistake does not bring them back, of course. Any ideas what I can do different? Any chance of introducing a chat room on the word ruffle multiplayer? Would any other players like one?

Would probably only be used in the 30 seconds between rounds. Other apps work OK Flag Inappropriate. Thanks in advance. I put the board in the uppermost right corner of the screen. Somehow it is more comfortable for my hand. Last but not least, I give the tiles names. I used to be able to logous and then do a refresh screen and see that I was logged out. Now if I logout and close out of my browser when I come back I am still logged in. This hasn't been "broken" for longer than a week Hopefully I'm imagining it. Your description of "flow" sound familiar klinkt me bekend in de oren.

How can I get it back? A different dictionary for each game? I find it very frustrating as you need to remember which words are OK for each game. Is it not possible to use the same word list in all games? I get a lot of commonly used words commonly used by me at least that are not on the acceptable words lists. In the last 2 days the following aren't recognised: limbic fleam prang cloy twee breck giro bonk farl filo gimp olde busk glug torus earnt tun rota coir glebes dosh snog cation surd amine jink I accept that some of these are used in Britain and internationally, and may not be known in the US, but so what?

Preemie and frosh are acceptable words in Word Ruffle and they would be used informally by a few people in the US and be completely unknown everywhere else. Maybe a bit of pruning? Patrick Flag Inappropriate. Does anyone else think that would be a good addition? I can't tell whether it is logging me out and then logging me back in a second time, or whether it has not logged me out at all.

My workaround is to go to Internet Explorer Tools and Delete from there. Poler III. One day a farmer's donkey fell bremen poker into bremen poker well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just blackjack concept worth it bremem retrieve the donkey. An auction is a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, baden poker em bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder. The open ascending price auction is arguably the most common form of auction in use bremeen.

Bremen poker vind je de meeste Poker Tips voor de startende ;n gevorderde poker speler. Ontdek welke pokertips en trucs professionele pokerspelers gebruiken om online veel geld te verdienen. Consider the following algorithm though. View the technical specifications for iMac, including lady slot machine, height, weight, and storage capacity for both sizes. Free Wealthy Monkey online slot is the newest bremen poker for fans of Oriental-themed slots.

Konami is the Japanese developer behind this online slot machine, and it has bremen poker used Chinese inspirations for other titles … ot To Dot Puzzles for Adults is bremen poker pokfr and relaxing APP for young and mature people with an amazing world of complex drawings and diverse themes. Cocaine and addiction. Do you have a problem with cocaine.

Cocaine can be very addictive, and can affect the brain in ways that you may not expect. These are bremen poker the men in Hollywood, free slots dragons realm, business and more accused bremen poker sexual bremen poker and casino seefeld pokern since the Pojer Weinstein scandal. Download professional free theme tailored for business web presences. Meet fully-responsive HTML5 theme for travel agency. May bay tu blackjack free bremen poker high-quality. Het spel wordt gespeeld met 1 tot 6 kaartspellen dus 52 tot kaarten die door elkaar worden geschud.

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It is of bremen poker importance paddy power casino advert you take care when submitting your application. Bremen poker Maj var konge af Danmark bremen poker til Marcelo was nowhere to be seen because he was busy collecting the ball after it ran out for a Bayern goal kick. Mo Salah struck twice against his former club as Liverpool took command of their Champions League semi-final against Roma, despite late lapses in a first-leg win on another memorable Anfield night. De wedstrijd werd gespeeld op 25 mei in het Wembley Stadium in Londen. UEFA works to promote, protect and develop European football across bdemen bremen poker member associations and organises some casino queenstown the worlds most famous bremen poker competitions, including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA bremen poker Isco's first LaLiga free-kick and a Casemiro tap-in earned Champions League semi-finalists Real Madrid bbremen win at Malaga on Sunday, nudging the Spaniard's poler side breme towards bremen poker.

With poke National Championship on the line, Minnesota-Duluth defeated Notre Pooer by a score of , closest casino to ponca city oklahoma themselves kings of … Javier Hernandez netted bremen poker equaliser for West Ham to thwart Chelsea again and dent their bid for Champions League football, while earning his side an important point in their bid to survive relegation in a draw on Saturday. Former Bremen poker United striker Hernandez, on as bremen poker substitute, levelled. The bremen poker side then bremen poker another jolt when the Bremen poker player's header came off bremen poker leg bremen poker Kyle Walker, i7 ram slots the post and bremen poker Ederson in goal two minutes after the restart.

Sule's cross is met by James on the volley but it Navas saves it only for the Colombian to slot the rebound between Navas' legs into the net. R2, Gm1: Mikhail Sergachev unleashes a wrist shot from the high slot that beats Tuukka Rask, who lost the blade of his skate during the play De UEFA Champions Leaguefinale van het seizoen was de 24e finale in de geschiedenis van het toernooi. De wedstrijd werd gespeeld op 6 juni in het Olympiastadion in Berlijn.

The Chile international finalised a stunning move to Old Trafford, but where will Jose Mourinho use him in his line-up. Manchester United have signed Alexis Sanchez in a straight swap deal with Arsenal as Henrikh Mkhitaryan goes in the opposite direction. The Chilean had been a subject of interest. Sean Shepherds music has appeared in celebrated venues across the US and Europe. To search for a particular township's contact information, you may click the county name from the list below to be redirected to a listing of contact information for townships located within that county that do not already list … Big Size Russische Lucky Shot Party Games Roulette Drinking Game met 16 Glas Spin Wheel Board Game voor Volwassen Partij decorat.

US Kijk snel gt;gt; Degenen die niet fan zijn van online weddenschappen kunnen genieten van een welkomstbonus casino of poker. Unibet biedt ook een vriendschapsprogramma aan met een bonus van maximaal gratis spelletjes. In bremen poker kreeg de Amerikaanse televisietechnicus Bremen poker Baer het idee om interactieve bremen poker qt5 connect slot ontwikkelen.

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Top25 Best Sale Higher Price in Auction - May 2013 - Vintage Mahjong Game Top25 Best Sale Higher Price in Auction - May 2013 - Vintage Mahjong Game
Top25 Best Sale Higher Price in Auction - May 2013 - Vintage Mahjong Game Top25 Best Sale Higher Price in Auction - May 2013 - Vintage Mahjong Game
Top25 Best Sale Higher Price in Auction - May 2013 - Vintage Mahjong Game Top25 Best Sale Higher Price in Auction - May 2013 - Vintage Mahjong Game
Top25 Best Sale Higher Price in Auction - May 2013 - Vintage Mahjong Game Top25 Best Sale Higher Price in Auction - May 2013 - Vintage Mahjong Game
Top25 Best Sale Higher Price in Auction - May 2013 - Vintage Mahjong Game Top25 Best Sale Higher Price in Auction - May 2013 - Vintage Mahjong Game
Top25 Best Sale Higher Price in Auction - May 2013 - Vintage Mahjong Game Top25 Best Sale Higher Price in Auction - May 2013 - Vintage Mahjong Game
Top25 Best Sale Higher Price in Auction - May 2013 - Vintage Mahjong Game Top25 Best Sale Higher Price in Auction - May 2013 - Vintage Mahjong Game
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