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I hope to meet a chess wife on this site. Did Bobby Fischer really retire from chess? Caesar49bc 15 min ago. You online players are pathetic EscherehcsE 27 min ago. Mark all topics as READ. Rahm played 7 rounds last week, 4 this week, now onto a mentally draining course. Still young and not used to the mental grind.

I would like to see his price to miss the cut. Apr 3, That is pretty crappy for them the first two rounds. That is a lot of wind. Forecast has really changed since I looked at it about 5 days ago. Great thread guys. I would be curious to find out how 1st time players have faired here. We have from the list above : Pieters Rahm Fleetwood Hatton A first timers, I'm leaning to fading these guys but I need more evidence than just feel.

Word around Nashville is Snedeker is really ready this year and feels like this is his year but honestly I have heard that before out of his camp here. This is the one tourney if asked "if you had to win one" what would it be? Im sure this would be the majority of the golfers answer but I know this one has been one of Snedeker's top goal. Going to grab a bit of that now, hopefully a better price shows up elsewhere.

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Two smart points on serve gave Djokovic lead. An acute Djokovic backhand was then called out but a challenge showed it was in, on the replayed point a framed Federer forehand flew miles out of the court and Djokovic had sealed the deal. It was one shot I guess, I don't know which to pick your choice.

I don't know. I was still happy to be at , try to see the positives , you try to take it as a good thing, that I'm not down a break in the fifth and the match is not over. If I could have picked it, to be in the fifth before the match I'd take but yes, it was definitely tough to have those chances. I know what I did well, how close I was. I think I can be happy with my performance. I don't want to be depressed about an amazing tennis match. Federer on his loss to Djokovic. Where to begin with this one! Putting the fan business aside of it being awful to see Federer lose tight finals.

In terms of tennis, it was a match where there wasn't really anything new to learn. In terms of how it panned out, I'm not hugely motivated to recap it but here are my notes from each set for those interested:. But like he said, a missed opportunity which is why it's disappointing.

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All the talk amongst fans will be mental this, choke that and they are certainly valid points but I thought Roger gave everything he had on the day and unfortunately it wasn't enough. I said in the comments on my last post if this match was like a chess match then Federer would have to sacrifice the Queen to give himself a chance of winning. You have to be prepared to lose and you either win brilliantly or lose brilliantly. If you don't act, you simply lose slowly with guaranteed certainty. Was it a brilliant loss? Too early to tell and Federer was a little too passive in periods when Djokovic wasn't at his best but I'd take a five-setter over a routine 2, 2 and 2 any day.

The problem for Federer is that victory in tennis, like chess, requires solid positional play and Djokovic is a grandmaster. What are you guys verdict on the match? Are you a fan of the twelve all tiebreak? Let me know in the comments. Had his chances, including two match points but couldn't find the right plays at the right times. That was the most unfair win ever! Totally agree. Roger was definitely the better player, and will always herald tennis greatness.

And the stats shows it right? Almost in every department is Fed stats better, So so unlucky for Federer. She was so nervous and could be seen uttering OMG when Novak was broken at fifth set. Alas, what millions of Red fans were hoping did not materialize! Obviously I do. But I thank him as a fan for giving it all out there and playing magnificent tennis this last fortnight.

He also gave him four straight GS finals loses. Because Novak can win it all, but he will never play peRFct tennis. Jonathan, thank you for another excellent coverage. If Roger can play so good at 37, why not 38? Yes annoying, with playing so well and still missed it. But a nice and clear and noble presser. We can be very happy about that, and such a good omen for his continuity.

But Roger is getting closer and closer. He still takes the challenge, and is improving. Wonderful presser, wonderful brilliance during playing — and observing what is on stake. Huge thanks to RF.

He lost, but he won in getting the positive — as usual! He deserved it, as did Novak Djokovic, but in a different way. Both amazing tennis players. Gutted and devastated. Was a poor approach on match point for me, like he hit it just praying Djokovic misses which I guess is fair enough but Djokovic is never missing that pass. The stats are really rubbing salt in the wound. Every stat shows Federer played better except UFE , won more points.

Except the one that mattered most. Yes, exactly. Federer won in all other respects than the match itself. Unfair this? Yes of course. But to find the positive nevertheless, Roger is the master of this art. The most inspiring sportsman for having joy, whatever happens. This hurts than the loss to Nadal. Federer was two sets to love down, won only two tie breaks, was never ahead. Plus he was only 26 and you could hope for more. Now he is 37, had two match points on serve after two aces on the preceding points , won 14 more points.

Who knows if he will get another chance? Match ended at 2. This is really sad and disappointing. It would have been so special to win Wimbledon and he may not get the chance again. WADA should look into what Djoker drank after the second set as he looked like he should have been hospitalized. Chipped way too much. Slice was working but should have mixed it up with more topspin. The winner today was under Thank you Jonathan for your quick and fair recap of the match. Like so many others tho I am devastated by the result.

Other losses of Rogers, the other guy was usually more deserving but not today. Yes,the whole Djokovic entourage are rather awful. That Marion Vider person picking his nose on one shot. Particularly edifying. Better player but not safer. Thats why the pushers win. Actually I see a pattern emerging here…Indian Wells he had the match on his racket with match points against Thiem. He should have won that one. When Roger is at last game, especially triple and double match points and all he has to do is close it, he tends to rush into his serves, rush into the points rather than take his time and as a result, he misses easy shots and volleys he would normally never miss.

Every time he has rushed to finish it off he has lost the match. One of them notably was a volley he would have been better to take backhand cross court rather than make a forehand with hardly any room to do it that went out. I felt he should have won it at as he clearly had more winners throughout.

The level he competed in this 5 set over the top epic match is one to file like and and learn from. Hope he will have other chances to clinch more titles. He could have had 5 titles so far this year however has 3 and Novak just tied him with 3 as well. Federer — wins in — wins Wimby Federer — loses in — loses Wimby Federer — loses in — loses Wimby Federer — wins in — wins Wimby Federer — loses in — loses Wimby.

Thanks for those stats…was unaware of them…only observed him playing important matches and losing because he was rushing to finish off and making mistakes or wrong play in the interim…. He should have one the first set. Very, very sad, and ultimately purely a mental loss. He has to work on this mentally. He was the better player, He can also be when it matters most. The thing that stung the most was Roger was almost always playing from behind. He perhaps should have the first set. That would have relaxed him.

He did great to win the second. Again, like in and , he could not deliver the crucial 3rd set so again he was playing behind. I give him huge credit for winning the 4th set in the somewhat comfortable way that he did but that ultimately put the pressure on him again having to serve second in the 5th which almost always sucks. After breaking back at which was not a guarantee , I thought that for sure that the momentum would be on his side. This is just ridiculous. So, overall — a big sad because Roger did everything right — led in all departments on the stat sheet but always would fall early in the tiebreaks and would not recover.

It is what it is. Novak is incredibly clutch but Federer should have won today. Strictly speaking, sub-par Djokovic stoke this match. The tiebreaks saved him. Very impressed with your ability to write about this match after such a difficult match. Very much agree,these cursed tie breaks. A shame,the better player lost. Only one outstanding point by Djoker throughout the match. This Novak reminds of the early encounters with Federer when Federer used to just win tiebreaks against Novak at will. Too much reliance on the backhand slice in this match. Slice is good to mix things up used intermittently but aiding every BH is a bad strategy against Novak.

I was thinking about that. The thing is that whenever Roger would use the backhand slice, Novak will answer with a flat backhand or forehand but not with a slice himself which was depressing. Must say I am absolutely gutted tonight, in a bit of a daze. I have to remember the positives of a brilliant win over Nadal which banished a few more demons, and that this is just a sport, and not a matter of life and death. Yeah I said in my comment on the previous post that this one is a tough one to take.

There are two ways of looking at it. Roger was within one point of taking the title, against a guy 5 years younger, after beating another one of the greatest players of all time in the previous round, and all that at 37 almost 38 years old. An AO final? Maybe next years Wimbledon final? And even if they somehow did, Roger IMO is still the greatest unless they win several more because of how many other records Roger holds. When all the dust settles, and these three are long gone at this rate this could be next century , people will at some point remember that how you do something is just as important as whether you do it.

Maybe all of them. He is tennis. My sentiments exactly. Never felt like this after a match before. Roger did everything but win. It almost feels like if I close my eyes he did win. Roger is the only one of the top 3 who loses matches like that. So many times he is serving for it or has match points and loses. His record in final set tie breaks in the last few years has been shambolic.

What hurts the most is that today is the day his chance to end his career with the Grand Slam record has gone. Nadal will equal him at least, Djokovic could well end up ahead of both. It was a double whammy to be 1 point from being 6 ahead of Djokovic and end up on 4 ahead. I feel sick. It is very difficult to win a grand slam as we have seen today. At age 35 and they are putting a roof in there. No more helpful rain breaks. They have still it all to do and the clock is ticking for them too. Djokovic is now almost certain to overtake Rogers weeks at Number 1 total.

And being only 4 behind rather than 6 behind the grand slam total is a massive swing yesterday. He would have needed 7 more to overtake Roger had Roger won one of those match points, now it is only 5. Nice recap, it was painful however to read it as I relived those moments. Brilliant shots from Roger alternating with easy shots missed, and a very flat Djokovic in sets 2 and 4 produced a lower quality match when compared to the Roger vs Rafa semifinal. Of course, the tension was amazing and that is why it became an epic match.

And what happened to his first serve in the final set? I feel a few more points on first serve might have made a difference. Just so weird. I suppose tiredness was a factor. No matter how fit Fed is he still had far the tougher semi. Pushing up on your legs for the serve must be pretty hard in the fifth set. I felt that match was lost with hindsight in the first set tie break. Those unforced errors on the forehand were very costly. A great shame. I think that about sums it up. I think he would also say it was probably fair that women got paid the same for their 58 minute, 16 game final as the guys who went and 66 games with 3 TBs, but only in a subsidized sense.

My wife is unemployed, my mother in law has dementia. Today I found that my father may have cancer. I carry all this on my shoulders trying to keep a straight face. Would it be right to feel angry because a multimillionaire lost a game? But to let his losses affect me negatively, no. I cannot allow that. But just a bit. Now… Cincinnati next! Or which one?

First voice of a reason here. There will be not many, Rui. Rui, thank you for this. I hope your father gets better soon.

Vegas Sports Masters

Putting this Federer loss in perspective has been harder than anything else but your comment gives me strength and opens my eyes. Gutted as we all are I certainly am , I think it helps to put it into perspective. A 38 year old just beat Nadal and was a point away from beating the world number 1 and hoisting the Wimbledon trophy. As Jonathan said, Federer had to take it to Djokovic. And boy did he do so. And sometimes that strategy helps you beat your biggest adversary in the semifinals, and sometimes it leaves you a point away from the Championship.

Roger Federer — you sir are an inspiration. A champion. He has my respect for the way he lay it all out there win or lose. I hope I can have the courage to lay it all out there when all the odds are stacked against me someday. Yes gorgeous comments Gaurav what Roger did was huge and after Rafa and being past retirement, high risk aggressive beautiful shots, winning huge rallies in both matches etcetc!

Regal and serene so proud of his ability to be there and wow us still after two decades. There are certain things Roger just cannot do as well as he once did and closing out matches is one of them. Ppl like Rafa and Novak are fighting just as hard to stay in the match -as we clearly saw in these 2 matches, as Fed is to end it. He had to go for it and he was red-lining the whole match, being as brave as all hell and sometimes he made a wrong decision — pulled back, wrong shot selection, played it too safe or just executed poorly-but overall and for 5h he pressed the 1 and but for playing just 2 or 3 crucial shots differently, he would have won, after beating the 2.

At Despite being utterly gutted by this oh-so-near miss, it was glorious to see him play like this. I dont really think , tho of course I dont despair- and havent since AO that Roger at 38 can realistically win another Slam. Fed overall has had the hardest path battling both of them while going thru fatherhood thru their best years and being 5 -6 yrs their senior when age and years of playing became a factor.

Djokovic Thwarts Federer To Take Fifth Wimbledon Title

His ability to hang with them, still be 1 of their only 2 real challengers is phenomenal. I am sad for this near miss but am so happy that Fed is still so brilliant and so good.

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I think Roger was the better player throughout and the stats were nearly all in his favor but at the end of the day, the winner of the last point is all that matters. That was Djokovic today. I think had Roger not had Championship points, it would have been easier to digest. But I somehow feel losing to Djokovic is so much more than anyone else, idk why I feel that way but I do. At the end of the day, when all the slams are counted this will be a missed opportunity for Life goes on, and there are much more important things in life than this tennis match or tennis in general.

Onwards toward Cinci and Mew York. Thank you Brandon for helping put things in perspective. Your tribute is lovely and a great reminder of just how special this guy is; made me a bit teary actually but with a smile. I have saved it. Thank you. Remember 4 years ago the Wimby Final between Roger and Novak?? Remember 5 years ago the Wimby Final between Roger and Novak?? Remember the Wimby Final between Roger and Novak?? See what I did there?? See the difference in years??

Yes, this loss hurt, but I am sooooooooooooo proud of Roger. He should have made the 2 CP. But lets be real… Novak would have been up with in the 5th if Roger had not broken him back. The match would have been over in the 5th at the score or , but Roger broke back. But then. Not 18 GS winner Rafa, not Murray, not Stan, not Berdy, not Kyrgios, not Nishikori, not Dimitrov, not the players age 30 something, not the players age 20 to 25 to 30, not the players age 17 and up….

No one else is stepping up right?? We were ALL bitching and moaning that they slowed down the Wimby court so that it almost played like clay benefitting Rafa and Novak. But still Roger made the Final and not Rafa and he almost beat Novak…. Roger was the dominating one today, the better player, Novak just played some important points better. Roger kept up with the guy who makes everyone run and tires them out. Who is a WALL. I am not perfect, I am a bit angry, also at Roger, but I am sooooooo proud of him.

He literally gave it is all. I am absolutely convinced about that. Well, just by getting over them and moving on and making more Finals. We are now freaking 10 and 11 years later then in and And what is the outcome?? Next step…. When he plays like THIS, he will play in his Remember that. Jon, I really loved your post today. My comment is a bit long, but I just wanted to say this. Yes, Roger was not very gracious during the speech because he was disappointed, but Novak saying in his speech that he was glad he came back from having 2 MP was kind of a dig to Roger right??

You are simply the best to make us feel better after such a heartbreaking loss to the worst player I want to see Roger lose to.

But after having watched the presser, I feel exactly like you Katayany, and my admiring for Roger still rising. Whatever happens, tennis and all fans are so privileged having him still, and even so solid and fabulously playing — and oh my, what a threat to all in top. My thoughts exactly! The best at the world right now! He really was saying that as a dig. He could have said it in his presser, but he did it there. Ofcourse Roger was not very gracious too, I have to be honest about that too. There …. I said it and I mean it. In a way, Roger made Novak this unbeatable whose confidence rises with every GS win.

He could have won all those 4 finals and should have won them all. He will get over this loss. He got over the losses of and when that seemed impossible. Maybe if Roger won all the 4 finals against Novak, maybe he would have gotten bored and decided to do the R-word. Trust me, he will keep fighting. Roger will be in a GS final again and he will win it…. I just wish he would have taken a lot more time before serving for the 2 CP. Even if it was a few seconds more. Take his time and try to hit an ace or something else. He would not have gotten a warning. Why did he rush it??

Love, just love your posts Katyani! Thank you for firing me up! You have cured me of my depression over the loss. Hey Miss Elly, if I have cured you from your depression over the loss…. Will it fade away, hope so. Still feeling a bit down about the match, actually felt worse for a while, to the point that I even was reluctant to do some video gaming with some friends, but convinced myself to do it as it would make me feel better.

PDF The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game

Cleared my head a bit. More Than A Feeling by Boston, an old one, released in way before my time. A good verse in it that reminds me about Roger:. So many people have come and gone Their faces fade as the years go by Yet I still recall as I wander on As clear as the sun in the summer sky.

No matter whether Roger wins anything else, a lot of people have come and gone, and their faces will fade as the years go by, but we can all still recall the great wins he has had, as clear as the sun in the summer sky! I remember once to see Joker saying that his team was organising to study how to win from Roger. In Paris He was so near to win from Djoker and today, no words. It was the same thing like in Indian Wells against Del Potro. Match point and loose the match. Only had more unforced errors in crucial moments.

Thank you Jonathan because I really hope to read your blog when the match is finished because only few people has the exact words to describe what happened. It is crazy how much he must love the game, to come out and go through the grind day in and out, and, at 38 years almost, still be the greatest threat to Novak over and over again. After the Wimbledon loss, with misty eyes, I baptized myself as a Federer fan. Today, with misty eyes again, i reaffirmed that I am a Federer fan forever, and will always be proud of him, even if he does not win another slam.

From here on, it does not matter who overtakes him or by how many, to me, he is, and will remain always, The Greatest of All Time! I agree. The new nemesis is Djokovic but I swear to God that Roger was the better player today. It reminds me US Open Although Roger is such a better player now than before. He did let it slip but perhaps he wanted to end the match that he did force it a bit. I mean if your first serve us not going in, you can afford to grind a little. He missed a TON of first serves today but he would always grind.

Roger would try to finish the point on a second serve with a risky approach and that cost him. He needs to figure out HOW to play the tie-breakers better vs. He pretty much had the better of him throughout the match. Just not in the breakers…. Agree too. Nice reading your comments TCT and Vily.

The way he play, and the way he handles it all. I did not read your article but commenting. I was glued to the TV entire match. It has taken a great toll on me. It hit me hard. Thanks John for all your great write ups. Taking a break from watching tennis at least for two months. It was agony. Victory getting slipped away. Neither should you.

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  4. In the end let the fans vote in their hearts who they prefer watching. I was impressed that as a player knocking 38 extraordinary! He played some spectacular tennis throughout the fortnight and disposed of potentially difficult opponents like Nishikori. I feared another beatdown by a resurgent Nadal but he defied expectation and even prediction to show why he is one of the greatest sportsmen ever.

    He could not have also been expected to defeat the world no. Instead, he frequently tied his younger opponent in knots and despite early missed chances and later reversals he kept fighting back to do what he should not have been able to do at this point in his career: to put himself in a position when he all but had his hands on the Cup. Against one of the greatest players ever.

    Yes, Roger was the better player for much of the match but the Serb showed what it is that also testifies to his own greatness; however little some may warm to Djokovic there has never been a greater competitor; fearless, composed, and finding his absolute best at the precise moments he needed.

    There is no great affection between these two but the respect each has for the other is earned. His great matches enter the annals of the sport; they are remembered — win or lose — by those who saw them, and he almost invariably produces the best in his opponents: he makes a greater player of those who find a way to beat him.

    He is the Everest against those who seek to take him on, whose lofty peaks are the measure of achievement in the sport, and even now, few are up to that daunting challenge. Yes, he lost the match but he added — as he does — to the stature of the sport. That is also a winner. Roger did say in the press-conference prior to the final that he wanted and wished that he would be able to push Novak to the brink.

    He surely did that. Even if he won, such wins do take a lot out of you. Sure, losing sucks too but Roger was so impressive physically and mentally. He was consistently great throughout the whole match. Djokovic was only great in the breakers. If Federer was serving first in the fifth, for sure, he would be hoisting the trophy already. I gave absolutely zero doubt about that. Immensely easier to just break while you are ahead.

    Perhaps also that tiebreak rule sucked too. Sure, end is in sight but Djokovic was close to choking already.

    Federer saw two match points pass him by as Djokovic won 7-6 (5), 1-6, 7-6 (4), 4-6, 13-12 (3)

    At and than at He was ripe for the taking and YET so clutch in the tiebreakers. I guess Roger can manage himself to serve himself out of jam in a service game. To me though — this result was predetermined when Roger lost against Thiem in Indian Wells. That result sucked…. The IW19 loss to Thiem set the tone actually.

    These kind of loses are becoming common place for Fed. Yes that is a very interesting point.

    The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game
    The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game
    The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game
    The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game
    The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game
    The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game
    The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game
    The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game
    The Flipside #1: Winning The Masters Game

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