The Courage to do Nothing

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“The Courage To Do Nothing”

My whole life I have wanted to be a writer but always believed that I was no good at it. It got likes in the first day! If I have never hit that send button, I would still be thinking of myself as a terrible writer. This is so in line with my post this week. None of us know if our ideals are going to work.

Great episode! It is just like you and Gabrielle said in the manifesting video you did together. When you open your mind to all the possibilities and have that positive energy flowing and have the visualisation of what your goal is in front of you it really truly does happen. Your videos always touch on pertinent topics that answer the questions I have right now.

I loved how this video embodies the mantra of seizing your chance and not making the mistake of walking away because of fear. A life with regret can be a heavy burden to carry. See you next time on marietv. One of my goals is to meet you in person to say this thank you and I am sure that I will. Marie, this is a great video. Fear can feel paralyzing at times. I think you are spot on with the advice. I took a huge leap to open my own garden design business.

The worst of doing nothing would be subjecting myself to the whims of the market, the contractors, and anyone else to whom I would be subjugated. I decided that even if I grew my business slowly AND organically—it would give me the business —just like you say—and life I love. And I did.

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I am so thankful. Also like you said, every day there are fearful decision. I take one step forward. Every day. Gratitude for all of your advice and sharing! Remember that your business is not just a good idea — we need you! I learned to manage it as it came to me, and to figure out what the event needed. It was more than thrilling and a huge success — even much better than I had imagined.

The client came again in my second Immersion Retreat that year, this way not only did he validate the model, but I had a repeat client. Happy Dance!

Courage quotes for pushing past fear

There have been many times in my business where I thought I was biting off more than I coukd chew, but it always turns out better than I imagined. Well said Danielle! I too took the dive into owning my own business, and like you there where times I thought I bit off more then I could chew. These are great questions Marie- thank you! My Dream: I am a 47 year old career changer, dropping the time wasting, doldrums of corporate America to pursue work that I love in plant-based culinary arts.

I fear that I will fail to make enough income to keep my half of the bargain back in Seattle, while I am a full time culinary student supporting myself in Austin. Thus, being forced to sell the house at a financial loss that my partner and I just bought together six months ago and then my partner would leave me because he felt abandoned and left holding the bag.

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And guess what Pita?! One more year comes and goes just like any other year. That I will stay stuck in continued procrastination of waiting to be ready and that I will never make a difference in the world with my life.

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So let me tell ya, at the New Year I declared to my friends and family that I am dedicated to pursuing work that I love. I set out to Austin- 1, miles away to enroll in a plant-based culinary school on June 30th. To my family it was still distant noise though they seemed all for it. THEN, something magical happened. I vetted this question with my family and me- and oh boy, Nellie! Each of us had big stuff to address… and that stuff, as we quickly realized, would be the stuff that would surface just the same if I waited until June.

The difference being- is that it brought my dream front and center for all of us to deal with NOW and that we did! And so it is. My Plan that initially sounded like fantasy chatter is actually is becoming more sound and real by the day: In Austin, I plan to make money by driving for Lyft. Driving for Lyft will help me learn the lay of the land and allow me to meet new faces everyday and maybe even gain a few fans! All while getting paid!

Yep- I do my best work under pressure! And back at home, my daughter will start paying rent instead of moving out and a friend will rent our guest room. And if either of those options fail, then we will register our spare rooms on Airbnb. And to boot- I have joined B-School !

My motivation- pursing work that I love, now and forever, and perhaps a chance to make a nutritional difference, even if only in the life of one. And am I going to leave my dog behind to attend school 1, miles away, just to fail?! Oh Hell No! I am really struggling whether to sign up for BSchool — it sounds awesome and I love to learn. However, I moved to Australia from the UK two years ago and am currently going through a redundancy process, which is possibly a great opportunity to go Yay sign me up for BSchool.

I am the main breadwinner as well as the principal visa holder. I now have a couple of months to find a new job or we move back to the UK. I need to make sure we have money to pay the rent and live, as well as possibly fly home and send all our belongings back. I have wanted to have my own business for a long time but never quite know what I should do — maybe I need courage to pick something and give it a go, which is why I have been looking at BSchool as a perfect way for me to learn and maybe work out what I want to do.

I am scared to write this and also scared to decide whether I use some of what could be our lifeline my small savings to sign up and take a GIANT leap into the unknown and see what may happen……. Good luck to all those starting BSchool and maybe I will see you over there if I have the courage. I felt exactly the same until I clicked on the button enroll. And now i feel more scared but so excited to start. I love this topic! Or shall I say the Q to your A. Love Marie, woot woot! I always wanted to work for myself and show my daughter no matter where you come from, you can always do better.

So this Jersey Girl Yes me too packed her belonging, child and moved South. I have to say, it was tough. I had no room for failure! I had a five year plan that I stuck to and it came to pass. I open my own salon. I say all of this to say sometimes we just have to go for it. The only thing to fear is fear itself. I took a BIG leap yesterday as a result of being encouraged by you, Marie! I absolutely loved this episode and just shared it with a friend who I know it could really help. Last year I took the ultimate leap of faith and quit my job in insurance and banking of 11 years and a great salary to pursue a career as a yoga teacher and health coach.

In December I opened my very own yoga studio!!

Book Review: The Courage to Do Nothing by Bill Flax

Things are starting to balance out now and my relationship with money has completely changed, yes money is important but its not everything and I am confident that the energy that I am giving out from doing what I love will bring in money. Daily I manifest what I want my studio to become and I am positive it will grow. I want this more than I am scared of it. I honestly am tearing up just writing this, if anyone else is reading I want you to know that it may not be easy, there will be struggles but if you want something bad enough you can make it work.

Cant wait for B-school to start!! Thank you for your honest and brave story! Very inspiring! I wish you all the success in the world and I am sure you will make it happen, because you are already doing it! All my best, Roxane. I have taken many great leaps of faith, and never landed exactly where I thought I would be. The Universe has always found some place much better than I expected.

I signed up for B-School and for assistance through a local Small Business Development Center to give myself the best possible chance to succeed. I saw myself in those stories and realized I had to do something to move my business forward, or just go back to looking for a job. Definately had to flex my courage muscles about a month ago. I kept talking about wanting to start my healing practice but was very hesitant about putting myself out there and looking stupid and spending wayyyyy too much time worrying about what other people would think.

I was challenged by a friend to put myself out there, and I offered a few short sessions for free to get some exposure and hopefully end up with referrals. I was scared to death for the first couple of sessions, but it was for no reason at all. I got AMAZING feedback and have done a few more sessions and that gave me the confidence to realize that I can do this, I can be working towards having my healing practice.

So I guess just that small step of putting myself out there also provided the push I needed to realize I had to learn more about the business world and is also a huge part of how I ended up in B-School. I love how the Universe works! I happened to ask these question Yesterday! They were my catalyst in making my decision to attend B School this year.

When what I really wnat to do is get out of it and create a life of freedom. But guess what? That will only last a few seconds as I learn new information and put it into practice. Thanks for the questions, they turned up as a validation to what I was able to do on my own. This is going to be an incredible year! Another inspirational episode, Marie and team! Thank you so much for the answer to the question that is stopping so many entrepreneurs from living their dream. The things I said NO to…. I can relate to this ,i had gone through three failed network marketing business,i got burnt and lost money ,but i knew its a field i would excel in so ,i decided to go into network marketing again ,even though i was terrified about loosing my money time and energy ,i still felt i would regret it ,if i didnt join the company ,i am with ,however ,beyond dealing with my fear ,i gave in to research and education on multilevel marketing and also the company i was going to work with.

This time i took responsibility for my business and have continued to create avenues to make my business profitable in terms of changing lives and making money. I think the biggest thing I did was in I went to a 2 weeks course in the states im from Sweden it was a course at a meditation centre in north CA. Ive been a student in this spiritual school since and before this course in I really had a dream to be able to do fulltime spiritual practices for a longer period… but ….

When in the states I got the offer to stay at the meditation centre for 3 months…. So going with my heart I decided to stay and had to call my boss about it…. I was able to lend money from my parents…. Ive never been so happy and I felt so well taken care of : but of course I was scared before I jumped! Marie, your episode gave me great strength to make every effort to overcome and heal my past trauma which has been keeping me from moving forward something meaningful to me.

Thanks so much!!! I really needed this perspective today. I want your voice in my ear when I have to get up and do these talks. It is very new for me, and I am so nervous, but it is something I do want. Thank you thank you. We need to use that same point to market ourselves! Wow — a really powerful post — thank you very much. Just shifting that Q a bit provided me with much peace.

You are so right… looking back wishing I had done something would be worse than taking the risk to try. Ah courage! I forgive myself, but still I think this really simple trick will get me going and shouting about my excellent products from the rooftops rather than worry which cognitively I know is about the silliest thing one can waste time doing!

This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Fear is my worst enemy, I know it is. My family makes it even worse, because I really feel overwhelmed that they will suffer if I fail. I have this weight on my back all the time. I let fear get the best of me last year, I cowered into a corner and let uncertainty and doubt completely stop me from moving forward with my vision.

I know in my gut, my heart and my entire being that this is my purpose on this planet, and even if it doesnt work out the way I envision, it will lead to whatever else is waiting out there for me. The worst course of action is Non-action. Sometimes we are so afraid of failing because we grow attached to the outcome — if we let go of that and trust in the process, then we are able to dive in the deep end without the fear holding us back! Thank you for the awesome video. Hope everyone is having an amazing week and going after their dreams.

Hi Marie, I absolutely loved this episode, it felt as if you were actually talking to me ;. I send you all my love and energy! You will be awesome! And I love how you decided to overcome your fear and just allow yourself to do what made you feel excited! Even seasoned actors still throw up before they go on stage — but they still do it, and we the audience are so grateful that they do. Great video.

The idea that not doing something is worse than doing something is spot-on. I also love to fast forward and imagine the end of my life looking backward. I want to buy a Tiny House and spend touring America and doing workshops. If I try it and fail, the worst thing that could happen is being embarrassed, sad, feel like I let people down and feel the shame that comes with failing.

Hi, I really enjoyed this post. The answer to this question must be the whole truth. Marie — thank you! However, I truly want to allow myself to be the person I know I can be, and asking myself your questions today — and just being reminded of the concept — helped me move forward mentally! I send love to you all, Cat. This episode has an amazing message, I love the idea of steps to create the lightbulb by Thomas Edison!!! Living abroad by myself for a year when I was 16, founding my own business, teaching English in Vietnam, starting a blog to share my thoughts, etc.

Fear thrives in the shadows. But when you confront it and pull it out into the light, it stops being so scary. Making a habit of pushing yourself in this realm will only give you more and more confidence with each try. Nobody is fearless. So be brave- you got this!! Well, lets see, things I have done that required courage and a leap of faith. Since Dec — left a 20 year relationship. Took a redundancy package and had 16 weeks off work. Then, instead of going back to an office job I started driving trucks in the mining industry. Then, put all of my belongings in storage where they have remained now for 2 years, still living out of my suitcase and set off overseas with a one way ticket and no plan, no accommodation booked and no clue, all in non English speaking countries and I had never traveled before.

After 17 weeks, I went back to Australia, and took up a great office job, but I hated it and quit after three months and went back to driving trucks. Dec , set off overseas again, with another one way ticket, a tiny plan, and this time with a bit of a clue…I am now house sitting my way around Europe and while I am house sitting I am attending B-School, writing my book and doing everything I possibly can to use this time to set up my life so I can keep traveling and ultimately live in the UK as a financially independent woman.

And that is just the tip of the ice berg of things I have done in the last 3 years that required courage and a leap of faith. Watch this space, there is so much more to come :o Thanks Marie for B-School, perfect timing, and just what I was wanting. Last month I sold my house in Delaware and quit my job to follow my Spirit. Signed the papers and drove to San Diego without a job and no place to live.

Felt like I had one foot out the door for the last 10 years. Now that I am back finally in California, I am at peace. My Spirit was dying where I was living and in my job — the leap was life or death. I choose life. Such an inspiring and true lesson you give us her!! I took a leap of faith last year one year ago this month , and I opened a small day spa. I do have a knack for marketing and networking, so it took off!

So, now what? Well, I am teeing it up to sell, and I am moving on to my next endeavor. I love that we can do many, many things in one lifetime. It was a blast to build this business, and I am thrilled about my next adventure. Courage is amazing. Do what you are passionate about, and when it changes, you can change too! Thanks for this video!

I am in the process of going for something completely new — a leap into the unknown. I changed careers and am starting fresh in a space I have little knowledge about, which is business, with something I have a lot of knowledge about, which is healing of the Soul with multicultural approaches. I used to teach at a University but I was not as happy. At some points of the process of making this choice of getting a license from my former job I thought I might be going crazy for switching from stability and a predictable safe life to the wondrous world of the unknown, but you know what?

I absolutely know I will love it and I will rock it!!! It is definetely one of my goals. Love and many blessings xoxoxoxoxo. Thank you Marie for your whit and wisdom that comes from your experience and the greatness that is withing you!!

Why It's So Hard to Do Nothing | Olle Lindholm

Loved this! So much of living is about courage. Almost every choice we make takes some form of courage. We have it within us… sometimes it just needs a little excavation! This has been my passion to give voice to the hidden lonely pain that drives us towards these behaviors emPAWARing us to thrive in our lessons in pain. Can I just say how amazeballs Marie looks in this video and in the same breath, submit a feature request for marieforleo. Or something. They make me feel tremendously positive about myself :. So there you go…its not as bad as it sounds.

Wow Marie, you always have the best stuff!

I love how you have specific actionable steps to get us out of our heads and into the game with a strategy. What is the worst thing that could happen if I said yes? Also, putting myself out there not knowing if it is something I should be pursuing. What is the worst thing that could happen if I said no? Each year that has gone by, I have watch others that I admire and look up to do exactly what I wish I had the courage to do. The lesser of two evils is say yes and starting my blog.

It is scarey, but I think once it is out there I will feel better! I just bought my domain — shamirawest. YOU are so inspired. It was better, I used to be you as teacher. In answering your question I realize that giving up on my business will be giving up on myself. That for me would be the worst possible scenario. Marie, You helped me find courage today. Thank you!!! I am prepared to fail, but expecting to excel. And yet, at the time of every new leap, the feelings are the same — while overwhelmed the impulse to run and hide is very strong. The self pep talks and balancing emotions with rational thought is key because it is so, so easy to forget.

I love this video, and all Marie videos, because of the insights Marie brings but also just for the reminder of what I already know and just need to hear it again. And again. And again! Magda, love what you shared. Dear Marie, I was wondering if you know this. Sometimes i am between being super optimistic, close to megalomania, and totally without any perspective and feeling stuck. The mind gives up easily. Because time is killing you. Our magic moment help us to change and sends us off in search of our dreams. Yes, we are going to suffer, we will have difficult times, and we will experience many disappointments — but all of this is transitory it leaves no permanent mark.

And one day we will look back with pride and faith at the journey we have taken. When your heart becomes tired, just walk with your legs — but move on. Is it possible to know something without ever having experiencing it? Yes, but it will never truly be part of you. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better. If they have a little, they want more. If they have a lot, they want still more.

Once they have more, they wish they could be happy with little, but are incapable of making the slightest effort in that direction. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed. Forgiving changes the perspectives. Forgetting loses the lesson. But learn how to be crazy without being the center of attention.

And in a book full of excellent insights, Flax perhaps does his best work in the area of recessions. Recessions signal economies on the mend, so for politicians to arrogantly attempt to blunt their impact is for Washington to perpetuate the failed concepts that cause downturns to begin with. As with all books, there are definitely some areas of disagreement.

Throughout the book he decries the allegedly low savings rate in the U. Despite these and other disagreements, they should in no way keep the interested reader from buying what is a very important book. Bill Flax appreciated my constant rants about the weak dollar, harmful government intervention and other barriers to growth, and soon enough he began submitting columns on similar subjects. Possessing powerful writing skills that remind this reader of Thomas Sowell and the late, great Henry Hazlitt, Flax hit home run after home run for RealClearMarkets.

Flax reminds us that artificially low rates of interest necessarily punish the savers whose capital is so essential to an eventual resumption of production. Flax reminds us that there must be incentives put in place in order to encourage individuals to first work very diligently, and then delay their gratification.

Flax happily has an answer for the aforementioned fallacy.

The Courage to do Nothing The Courage to do Nothing
The Courage to do Nothing The Courage to do Nothing
The Courage to do Nothing The Courage to do Nothing
The Courage to do Nothing The Courage to do Nothing
The Courage to do Nothing The Courage to do Nothing

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