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If I like a pattern from a book, but just the one pattern, I am more likely to either purchase a digital copy or check the book out of the library and copy that one pattern. I tend to go by a rule of wanting at least 4 patterns from a book to make the purchase price worth it. It's totally a personal preference! I have met many other makers who feel the same and I'm sure there are also many who don't. Beyond "fair use", there is also "personal use" that can limit usage of the patterns to the original purchaser of the printed pattern, as well as possible copyrights which, remember, do not have be registered under DMCA.

Additionally, IP rights may or may not have transferred for use or sale to the publisher of the magazine s that do not transfer to the purchaser of printed material, which would also limit sale of individual patterns. The above doesn't even include formally copyrighted material, which might or might not be noted on the printed page s and a general non-transferrable use by the publisher within the magazine. Even after researching the question for 3 hours, I could not give a definitive answer or sources to back up my claim. What sort of sources did you use to be able to give an authoritative "yes", please?

Ya'll remember the guy years ago thats main business was photo copied pages from car manuals, parts, schematics and such?

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I can't imagine how you got yourself so confused. Copyrighted items can be resold. How else could booksellers function? It doesn't matter whether you resell the magazine whole or in pieces; it was already published with the copyright holders' permission. Much of what you cited is not about resales but about use of the items. Statements about "personal use" refer to the products made from the patterns, not to the patterns themselves. It took me 3 hours to research what I wanted to say. I'll do the same with the immediate response since it does not address what I reported or questioned.

Personal use also refers to the purchaser of written material. Maybe do some research of your own and cite sources for all of us to learn. That would make sense to me, too; but published copyrighted material - but not trademarked logos, pictures, and slogans - is allowed to be used for educational and other purposes including posting on a website.

Knitting For Profit: 3 Tips for Selling Your Knitting

What if somebody copied a pattern and put it up on their website and said "don't copy this, it's for educational purposes of showing a new way to do this type of work". Is that okay?? The rules are very complicated, and there is little to no judicial interpretation. Since I cannot give an authoritative answer and cite authorities, I would abstain from giving the OP any advice other than to err on the side of caution - like Dorskinny said, OP, don't sell those here. I only wanted to ask about digital copies as there was talk on this post of people preferring to buy digital copies.

So i was just questioning this as i thought this would be a breach of copyright i. Skip to main content. Go to My eBay page. The eBay Community. Sign In Help Guidelines About. Additional Resources. Knowledge Base Get quick answers to important questions to get you selling faster and better!

Most Popular. Discussions Share best practices, tips, and insights. New to eBay. Groups Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members. Business Insights. Regional Groups. I use Facebook to chat with customers and Twitter to chat with colleagues. My YouTube videos also drive a lot of traffic.

How Do I Sell Knitting Patterns Online

Like it's pretty doable. Last year my goal was to double my sales and I did that. Don't rely on anyone else to bring you business. My shop is self hosted and I don't rely on Facebook or anyone else's algorithms. I built my customers one by one. That seems really slow when you're starting — but it's pretty incredible how those single customers add up.

I am overly cautious with investment in the business. Don't spend what I don't have.

25+ ways to make money with your knitting | Knitting Blog Pattern Duchess

My main commodity is TIME. I'm happy to have turned a profit from day one, but still struggle with getting enough for capital investments and bigger risks. Do you focus on something other than money? Engagement numbers—mailing list, social media email subscribers—want 1, by end of year. Mentions online, my own blog posts and newsletters. Networking with other small business owners and not being afraid to let my petticoats show. Trying to work with folks that don't understand the maker market—big box marketing. Folks whose heart is in Marketing with a capital M and not Making with a capital M.

To be able to support my monetary, social, and emotional obligations to my family while working as a freelancer in a small town with very few other opportunities in my field or any field. I'd like to double my business income over the next two years and keep my expenses to about a quarter of my income. That I really do have a plan!

I feel very lucky to be able to pursue my goals. What do you do? I'm a knitwear designer, instructor, author and run a craft website. There are higher and lower months, but this is a pretty normal month. This number includes income from books which have been written over a number of years , classes as well as product sold on my site, including a subscription-based product.

I'm pleased.

Which Knitting Side Hustle is Right For You?

My Craftsy class was a huge leap forward, mostly in terms of street cred. More complicated patterns are NOT what my customers are interested in. Giving away a free pattern also didn't work well, because I find that folks looking for a free pattern are looking for free and don't convert into buying patterns.

It's my happiness.

What can i sew to sell on etsy best selling knitting patterns on etsy

I want to keep a flexible schedule and have a job that's intellectually interesting. Having a business takes a long time to build.

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Luck may play into one pattern release, but a successful business is the result of hard work and persistence. But you have to have your own data. Click To Tweet. As I hope you can see, your numbers provide both reality and encouragement to others who are struggling. Read about the Starship thing here. I believe that your enthusiasm is the best business adviser and that an exploration is the answer.

I provide tools to guide your exploration including books, courses, podcasts, and essential oils. I work with artists, makers, and creatives of all kinds. And they really love it!

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I do make extra money by teaching knitting in my home. I have classes Monday thru Thursday, morning and evenings. Of course the money pays for my yarn and supplies. I absolutely refuse to purchase gifts. All gifts r knitted. So in a way that save us from using our money at holidays and birthdays. Love love love teaching, the very best thing is to take a complete virgin and have her leave me three hours later smiling and so proud she is actually knitting! What could be better? How you get in contact with that company and wich companys you know give this opportunities?

This has me thinking about what I can do to fix that. Thank you for this post! Thoughts on how to get hooked up with work like that?

Selling Knitting Patterns Online Selling Knitting Patterns Online
Selling Knitting Patterns Online Selling Knitting Patterns Online
Selling Knitting Patterns Online Selling Knitting Patterns Online
Selling Knitting Patterns Online Selling Knitting Patterns Online
Selling Knitting Patterns Online Selling Knitting Patterns Online

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