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The plot sets it up so that one beautiful woman after another hurls herself at him. One thing leads to another, and George, who we learn in the opening credits was a bona-fide international star player, ends up as the coach of Lewis' soccer team. If George's life was eventless before, after he starts coaching, he finds himself all too busy.

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The grandstands contain not only Stacie but several sexy divorcees and unhappy wives. These middle-aged women are all so sex-starved, they prowl after George with a number of strategies, including straight-out stalking, and in the case of Zeta-Jones, career counseling.

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She thinks that her connections in Connecticut with ESPN could land George a tryout and maybe a sportscasting job, which would then have the benefit of relocating him to another state and clearing the field of her rivals. What feels decidedly odd during the course of "Playing for Keeps" is that George has no apparent response to these repeated seduction attempts.

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The film makes the reason for that obvious in the fullness of time, and it should be obvious to you as you're watching, but I suppose it ventures into spoiler territory. One thing it isn't is a surprise. That leaves room for comment on the three most important supporting performances.

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    Playing for Keeps Playing for Keeps
    Playing for Keeps Playing for Keeps
    Playing for Keeps Playing for Keeps
    Playing for Keeps Playing for Keeps
    Playing for Keeps Playing for Keeps
    Playing for Keeps Playing for Keeps
    Playing for Keeps Playing for Keeps

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