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To change the world takes time, to change your self takes courage.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. There is always something you can focus on that brings you a feeling of relief. Just put in the effort, and you can completely change your life. Three years of dedication,consistency and hard hard work.

In three years I have gone from a uk size 22 to a size 6. I may have cried after my dentist check up, this time because I actually did a thing…I actually changed my habits and self care. Two years ago I started the process of fixing my teeth. I knew it would be bad. I also only needed the regular cleaning, not that awful deep clean.

I did the thing. I changed my life. All that work was so defeating. I adjusted my routine and my habits and I made a difference. My heart, you guys. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. Log in Sign up. Focus on what you want, focus on what you want, focus on what you want. If you can change your mind, you can change your life. To change the world takes time, to change your self takes courage.

Socrates - Peaceful Warrior - Dan Millman. Love yourself. Little mix change your life jesy nelson leigh anne pinnock jade thirlwall perrie edwards zerrie jam jordesy lordan salute tour. That was in Kliptown is the place where the Freedom Charter was signed on 26 th June I was not at all politically aware at that time. My first experience of speaking in tongues was quite spontaneous. I was in the tiny church in Vrededorp. We were all on our knees in a little prayer circle.

There was an amazing tingling around my mouth and in my face.

My scalp seemed to draw back and I had a sensation of ecstasy. At that moment, strange but beautiful sounds came streaming out of my mouth. I have no idea what they were or what they meant — if anything. But I felt wonderful and there was a powerful sense that God was with us. A few weeks later we were preaching on a dusty little open space in Kliptown. There were maybe three or four people listening to us. No amplifiers, microphones, loud-hailers or other support. You raised the voice the good Lord gave you and at the end of the afternoon your barometer of success was partially whether or not you were hoarse.

That was a big event for us. If someone came forward and wanted to repent and accept the Lord Jesus as their saviour and be born again and be baptised in the blood of the Lamb and have their sins washed away, we were all blessed. Ginge laid his hands on the man and led him in a prayer, asking Jesus to accept him, to forgive his sins and become his Lord and Saviour. The man prayed earnestly after Ginge. There was a powerful sense of genuineness in the moment. At that moment, I felt the tingling and ecstasy again. From my mouth came a stream of melodious sounds.

And He did. The pulpit in the tiny Vrededorp church was raised disproportionately high above the congregation. One night after Sunday service, we were invited to tea at the home of an Indian member of the congregation. Indeed, my only social contact with Indian people had been with the man who used to arrive weekly with a battered old truck from which my mom bought vegetables and fruit.

I learned years later that his name was Mr. It was also in Vrededorp. I wondered if everything in Vrededorp was tiny. The house was home to Tilly, an elderly Indian widow. I remember vividly a large, ornately decorated picture of an Egyptian-looking eye in a frame on the living room wall. I think it was there to ward off evil.

I thought it looked pretty evil itself. Tilly repaired to the kitchen to prepare tea. I was horrified at the prospect of drinking tea out of cups that would come out of that tiny kitchen. All I saw was the simple poverty of the newspaper-covered shelves. The cups were plain, white, very clean china. I prayed several times for God to purify the cup and forced myself to take a tentative sip. It was utterly delicious!

I finally got baptised. They had a full immersion baptismal font. The minister — I forget his name — showed me the font and explained what would happen the following week. My mind was preoccupied with me gagging or choking on the water as I emerged. Instead of a white dove descending on my shoulder, I had visions of the congregation staring in horror while I spluttered and ruined the sanctity of the moment.

The following Sunday, my clandestine moment arrived. The minister removed his cassock. Underneath he was dressed in white cotton trousers and a plain white shirt. The significance of the baptism was explained to all of us. As you surfaced again, you were reborn in the Holy Spirit and to your life of Christian service and worship. The congregation began to sing. The minister slowly and with dignity descended the steps into the font, standing with water at mid chest. He extended his arms to me and I took my first step down into the water, flinching in anticipation of the cold.

There was only one tap and it was a cold water tap. The water was a comfortable body-temperature. It was like stepping back into the warmth, comfort and security of the womb. The congregation sang on, discreetly trying not to twist and crane their necks to see what was happening. From their vantage point — or disadvantage point, it must have looked a bit like a holy Punch and Judy show — with just our heads visible.

Gently, the pastor tweaked my nose shut between his thumb and forefinger and supporting my spine leaned me backwards into the water. It was all over quickly and somewhat anticlimactically. My mind was more concerned with the steps, the water, the tipping backwards. Dear, dear Mara collected my wet things in a plastic grocery bag, dried them on her washing line and ironed them. I then sneaked them back home. Some years later we were with Papa at the Mariannhill Catholic monastery, for the ordination of Francis Grant.

Francis was an occasional visitor to the Ashram and had become very fond of Papa. It was a deeply moving ceremony, with the candidate priests lying face down on the floor before the Archbishop. Their arms spread wide so they looked like crucifixes swathed in white cloth. From now on he would wear the sincecure — a sash around the waist of his priestly habit, signifying his vow of chastity. It was considered very special to receive a blessing from a newly- ordained priest, whose hands were freshly anointed with holy oil. Papa, who had no pretensions regarding rank or seniority, knelt in front of the new Father Francis to receive his blessing.

As Papa rose, Francis knelt in front of Papa to receive in turn, his blessing. A few weeks later, one of the Ashram devotees and I were invited to spend a few days at the Mariannhill monastery by Father Urs Fischer, the gentle and wise Novice Master. We sat with the monks for their services and their meals — being mildly appalled in an immature and superior way, that they ate meat and indeed drank wine at their meals.

Our expectation of monastic life was somewhat more Spartan. But it was an educational experience. I shudder to think of my answer to Father Urs Fischer, as we were about to leave the monastery. He asked us how our stay had been and what we thought of Catholicism as opposed to Hinduism. Wherever you are, Father Urs, please forgive me!

Spiritual Fundamentalism — an oxymoron. Do not only point out the way, but lead the way. The best, sustainable, integrity based communication rests on a platform of spirituality. Religiosity does a lot of talking and at its worst, a lot of fighting. Rarely does it live the talk. True spirituality on the other hand, never just talks the talk.

It walks it and always lives it as well. Exclusiveness shutting others out is a fear-based way of protecting the little we have. Religions are like rivers. They all flow into that One great Ocean called God. Sri Ramakrishna Truth is One. Sages call it by various names. The Vedas We climb the mountain by various paths, but we all see the same moon from up there. Japanese martial arts teaching What shall we call God? The Zoroastrians call him Ahura Mazda; the Hindus use a multiplicity of names, from Brahman or Satchidananda in the non-dual sense, through a veritable dualistic pantheon of Gods, many of whom are worshipped as the female or mother aspect of God.

Buddhists speak instead of Nirvana or the Void. The Chinese have the Tao. It makes no difference as to the name of God, since love is the real God of all the world. I will also use the masculine gender when referring to God, purely for the sake of convenience. Satyam truthfulness is the tapasya austerity of the Kaliyuga this age. Sri Ramakrishna M y spiritual great grandfather was a physically diminutive Swami with snow- white hair and beard, living in a cave called Vashishtha Guha, near Rishikesh in the Himalaya Mountains of India.

His name was Swami Purushottamananda. That was his verbal teaching to the people. God will not forgive you if you are bluffing. He is the one who hears the heartbeat of the ant. Do you mean to say He does not know what you are saying and doing? Swami Shivapadananda For years I wondered why Guruji emphasised sincerity so. If we follow no other teaching than this, our lives will be transformed. Because where sincerity is found, dishonesty, backstabbing and jealousy cannot co-exist. Love, compassion and truth will thrive. It is believed that when a God-realised saint speaks something like this, it is a mahavakya or great truth, which has a lasting, positive impact on the recipients of the teaching.

Moral virtue simply consists in being able, anywhere and everywhere, to exercise five particular qualities. Confucius We make ourselves real by telling the truth. Thomas Merton When Sri Ramakrishna refers to truthfulness as the austerity for this age, it means that if we do nothing else, being meticulously and scrupulously honest can be our spiritual practice. He's with us here again. And it might not be as obvious as it is to you and me, to everyone else — what exactly do you mean by crossing the truth divide? And they are no longer able to differentiate between fact and fiction.

I suppose there's only one definition. And they put the euphemistic adjective in front of it to try and say it's an OK one to make. And what they don't realise is that there are always observers of their process. I know somebody who recently flogged an associate a computer at it's full original price when he knew that it was completely out of date.

And he did it wittingly. It's that kind of stuff. People around you are seeing that, they're using that as the example, as the role model. And it tends to become a self-fulfilling prophecy, on down the food chain in a company. It actually starts becoming the endemic corporate culture. And as they say the fish rots from the head down, so if the head behaves like that, the others take their cue from that person and that tends to become the modus operandi of the organization.

MONEYWEB: But we all deal with people who fib, lie, cheat, every single day of our lives, whether we're dealing with — let's pick on estate agents for want of a better word, or let's pick on banks, or we are told versions of the truth. Not necessarily lies, but versions of the truth, not the whole truth. There's a lot of that as well. How does one deal with that sort of thing? I'm frequently in touch with people faced with exactly that conundrum - where the corporate value system flies absolutely directly in the face of their very own.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life (podcast) - Muhammad Abdul Malik Shabazz | Listen Notes

I say to them, you have two choices here, join the game and in Faustian tradition, sell your soul to the devil. Alternatively, get out of that organization, if it is absolutely that kind of values conflict. It's what Churchill referred to as being fraught with terminological inexactitudes. Trust, though, is the critical issue because if staff don't trust their managers, managers end up not trusting their staff. Ultimately that leaks out into the marketplace and your customers and your investors won't trust you either.

We've got some top names in business today who have been caught with their terminological inexactitude trousers around their ankles, and they're still OK. How do we remedy it? I am quite passionately disliked by some people, because I blow the whistle on that stuff. My view is I don't want to play with people like that. I mean, when times are tough people tend to accept things they might not otherwise accept. That was a substantial sum of money for me to lose in my business. I still made the moral choice. I'm not prepared to do business like that.

Clive Simpkins our regular Friday night communications specialist. Thank you as always for joining us on Classic Business. It also becomes easier and easier to cross. It also confirms a lack of character. Look at, mull and never forget the following meditation moment: He who steals my purse steals trash, but he who robs me of my good name, takes from me all that I have and enriches himself in no measure.

He by-passed his enemy on both flanks, using phalanxes of impi, or warriors. Just so, there are two aspects of communication, which act like a pair of arms embracing or encapsulating the message. Meta communication results from your internal intention in the communication.

Discerning people will not be duped by you. They are detectable energies, exerting their own influence. The eyes of men speak words the tongue cannot pronounce. Not so. But the eyes have seen it, the ears have heard it, the nose may have smelled it, the mouth may have tasted it and the fingers might even have touched it.

Just so, your micro-kinetics subtle physical movements and expressions will leave people with an impression of you. The distinction between meta and subliminal is this: Meta is experienced as the consequence of your thoughts, intentions or behaviour during the communications process.

Subliminal is subtle activity — it will register mainly on your subconscious radar screen. A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal. Oscar Wilde. The critic as artist, The sincerity of purpose and consistency of your thoughts or intentions, will directly influence and determine your ability to communicate well or achieve and sustain change. Congruence Dr Carl Rogers was the father of person-centred psychotherapy.

Most people talk to themselves mentally and many even answer themselves. You can pull it back into conscious brain awareness with a little effort. The thinking and internal chatter department is quite important for some categories of people. The important point though, is that our thoughts are generally not evident to most people. The head does not know how to play the part of the heart for long. He insisted that emotions come first in our repertoire of behaviour. I argued from the perspective of one who meditates, in which my experience demonstrates that thoughts have to come first. Feelings or emotions The second layer on the target is feelings or emotions.

Example: I verbally abuse you. Intention precedes action — even when it comes to nerve impulses. You have to think the need for your arm to rise, or your hand to clasp. Thought, followed by action. Behaviour The final, external and explicitly observable layer on the target, is behaviour.

An example of when someone might consciously distort them, could be in a delicate hostage negotiating situation. As the saying goes, thought, word and deed should also be consistent. Low congruence means high stress Stress always manifests in people exhibiting low congruence. I know of a woman executive in business who is the archetypal organizational politician.

She blatantly steals ideas. She lies with an air that would deceive all but the most perceptive. Ethics seem not to feature in her lexicon of thinking or behaviour. Yet when I was running a corporate values and culture workshop for the top management of the organization, her verbal contributions threatened to elevate her to sainthood. I was aghast at her ability to say one thing, and yet live the exact opposite.

One sees this daily in the corporate world, but the extent of her particular non- congruence, qualifies for entry in the Guinness Book of Records. You can teach a parrot to speak whatever language you will. But the day a cat catches it, it will revert to its original tongue! Source unknown to me Of feathers and felines See the pithy aphorism about the parrot? How often have you witnessed that? Under pressure, people will frequently revert to type.

O, would some power the gift give us, to see ourselves as others see us. Robert Burns, To a louse Most of us do not look as handsome to others as we do to ourselves. I always ask groups what it is that makes it possible for us to feel one way about ourselves, and yet get feedback indicating that we come across completely differently. Chief among these is stress. In the same manner, any form of stress or pressure, is likely to cause a distortion between our thoughts, feelings and the resultant behaviour.

Usually afraid that if the mask slips, people will see who you really are. And that they might reject you as a result. Stress vs. Psychologists speak of eustress and dystress. Tension is necessary and essential for everyday interaction. It creates a positive, energised state in which we pay attention, are active and dynamic. The Buddhist balance The Buddhists have a useful analogy. Tension gets things done. That is no longer manageable.

That is imposing itself on us. Which is neither pleasant, nor necessary. Stress will impact negatively on our behaviour. Stress and nervousness Nervousness is merely misdirected or incorrectly labelled energy. My energy supply. This is my excitement, enthusiasm, passion and intensity!

The Book in Three Sentences

Those feelings are normal, natural and essential to good performance. Stop fighting them and instead, use them! Harness the power. Desire for sweet things and simple carbohydrates. Suspicious, overly-defensive, over-reacting to things. Inability to accept criticism. Concentration difficulties. Waking up early and ruminating going over and over the same concerns.

Hypersomnia wanting or needing to sleep excessively. Doubts about your capability. Where would your ideal life-destination be? How would you like to get there? What values, morals and ethics would you use in getting there? What would you like said of you at your funeral? Walk rapidly with your partner. Pranayama yoga breathing. Prayer or meditation. Physical or mental Yoga. Tai Chi. To restore, refresh, repair, regenerate, renew and revitalise. The harder you work, the harder you must play. Quit being a neurotic perfectionist. Reduce caffeine and nicotine intake.

Take a vitamin C and a B-complex tablet or supplement, daily. Get help. You might well need medication to get you through the initial stages of recovery. Do some work for charity, the elderly, the community or those less fortunate than you. Those who do so, enjoy better mental health. Like painting, gardening, washing the dog. If your job's physical, relax with something mental reading, music, TV etc. Go do some pottery, sculpture, ceramic painting, writing, stained glass work, decorating, gardening, or learn to play a musical instrument.

Beware the man who changes his voice when he speaks to God. Islamic proverb Masking behaviour Sometimes we wear masks in order to cope or grow. Society, our relationships, careers, social standing and the expectations of others, frequently trap us into communicating from behind masks. All of which is deeply stressful, unrealistic, abnormal and mentally unhealthy for you. All human beings have little grey souls — and they all want to rouge them up. Deal with the root cause. Emotional Intelligence or Quotient EQ — interchangeable terms — has entered the behavioural arena with much fanfare. If there is a catalyst capable of transforming business and people, Spiritual Awareness is it.

Do nice guys really come last? This is a possibility, but there is a vaccine or antidote. As if to illustrate survival in the emotional jungle while still adhering to Dr. People would detour a great distance around the field, rather than risk walking through it. One day, a holy man came walking through the field. The snake slithered up in his usual aggressive manner, hood erect and venom sacs on full alert. In future, I want you to be kind and gentle. After calling several times he heard a weak, strangled response.

Walking towards the sound, he came across the snake, which was in awful shape. The emaciated animal had a broken jaw, one eye was damaged, and scales had been abraded from his body. So the villagers now take total advantage. All because you told me to be kind, and to stop biting. It can though, be defined by or observed through, some telling criteria. Such as: truthfulness, compassion, respect for all levels of consciousness, constructive empathy, a sense of being a player in a larger whole, generosity of spirit and action.

There are still some who might say that despite all discussion to the contrary, nice guys do indeed, sometimes come last. Her or his concept of what constitutes truth, fair play or justice, will feature prominently in all interactions. They will often, by default, make people who are economical with truthfulness or integrity, feel uncomfortable. They raise the moral and ethical bar through their very presence. But being spiritually aware, makes them an effective and influential moral force, in business and life. Born or made? An associate of mine has just completed a masters degree dissertation on this topic.

I do agree that making change is not easy. That it requires significant and ongoing effort on the part of the individual attempting it. We know that every cell in our bodies will be replaced over a 6 — 7 year period, if not sooner. In the spiritual sense, the saturation of those same cells with energy from aware, chosen, higher-state behaviour and thinking, will leave an indelible imprint. If Spiritual Awareness is there, the spark can be fanned by choice or circumstances into a flame and potentially, a blaze. When you have realised understanding, even one word is too much. Fen-Yang The implications for success What does all of this mean for business and life?

I would agree. Spiritual Awareness in individuals will bring with it a crucial, non- negotiable component — integrity. That conclusion is simply a reflection of the perverse minds of both the researchers and their interviewees.


Growth of Spiritual Awareness and lies are mutually exclusive. Tzu-kung asked about the true gentleman. Live your life regardless. Your principled stance will speak for itself. It will be the unspoken, unassailable impact of your character that will do the speaking. Mark Twain Your legacy and meaningful leave-behind The unconscious long-term goal of the spiritually aware individual will be to leave behind a sustainable and positive legacy when she or he sloughs off the body. Buildings will be imploded. Street names and statues may be changed. Cash reserves and investments can be squandered or lost.

But if your life has touched another life in a meaningful way, that life will certainly touch another, which will in turn touch another. But you will leave behind in the hearts and minds of others, a legacy that will live forever. Still be able to command respect. Wearing a halo can give you a headache after a while. Like gypsies, our family moved home almost every year. So there was always a very adequate supply of enormous wooden packing crates, which could be assembled and disassembled at will. A balletic wraith of white tulle floated across the arms of a rough but well proportioned crucifix on our high altar.

Not having a family car to accommodate in this particular house, the garage became our fantasy space. For some reason, the adults never invaded it. Our monastery remained sacrosanct. The neighbourhood kids would arrive with bed sheets tucked under their arms and in a while, our motley gathering would be transformed into medieval figures swathed in flowing robes.

I was responding to a deep inner call.

12 Ways to Instantly Become a More Positive Person

A shadowy reflection from my past. Fleeting, but sometimes I caught it. Many years later Papa listened as I told of our monastery. The memory surfaced early. But as so often happened, it seemed inappropriate to ask. Wrong place. There was a sense almost of desperation that they would be missing the subtlety and nuance and deriving only a gross and superficial understanding from the play. I lived the radio play. It was an alternate world for me. One to which I could escape from the loud, harsh tones of a young, good-looking, alcoholic father.

I hated him. He was a monster. Silent, unapproachable, with his nose buried in a novel on the rare occasions he was sober. Morphing into a raging, abusive tyrant when drunk. Which he was most of the time. Looking back, I realise my mother must have had a subconscious desire to get rid of all of us. Way out on the Vereeniging road. Panic at the idea that he was going for a long drive whilst drunk. Regretfully for her, the gods never cooperated and we got to live to tell the tale.

There was a sort of novelty in inspecting the lavatory cistern to see how well my father was doing with his current bottle of brandy. I never knew him. We never spoke. I just used to pray to God that he would die. He drove a closed, company-owned Chevrolet station wagon. No main body windows. It was a commercial vehicle because his speciality at that time was fitting anti-theft devices to cars.

He was a talented motor mechanic. I think I pleased him once. So he took a square of brown paper, greased it with Vaseline petroleum jelly and placed it on the top of the single cylinder engine block. Ever so gently, he began to tap around the sharp edge of the block. The brown paper yielded and began to mirror the shape beneath it. I offered to continue the operation. Delicate tapping like this seemed like something I could do. I remember him getting a raw egg to stand on end on our cheap, green, mottled Formica kitchen table. I was a very observant kid. I noticed that he tapped the egg gently on the surface before it stood.

I could do that. I took an egg and tapped it. The yolk and albumen had not even fully splattered before he began raging about what an idiot I was. A stupid experiment anyhow. But I hated him for letting me fail at it. I tapped that gasket to perfection. He placed the cylinder head on the block and tightened it down.

Aunt Lil was thrilled as her borehole thumped rhythmically back into action. The flat canvas driving belt shrieked in protest as the pump squirted bursts of chilly underground water, along with explosions of air, into the algae-encrusted farm dam. And I would swim with a new sense of empowerment. And he was passing his crippled gift on to me. With coarse food to eat, water to drink, and the bended arm as a pillow, happiness may still exist. What you need is simplicity, with spirituality. As human beings, we all get a little angry, depressed, resentful, jealous and inappropriately competitive, from time to time.

Become concerned only when these emotions or patterns become extreme, interfere with your normal daily living, or last for long periods. To exceed is as bad as to fall short. A Sufi king Sufis are Islamic mystics one day called his courtiers and advisers into his throne room. And which, when I am sad, will remind me that I will again become happy.

Many weeks later, they came back to the king and slipped onto one of his fingers, a simple gold ring. Ten years later, it was stolen. You see, the phase for wearing it, too, had passed! I have a simple precept in my life: If you can or wish to do something about a situation, then do so. Otherwise, put up, or shut up! Blunt, but pragmatic. Patch Adams Join me in celebrating the movie about, and the life of, Dr. Patch Adams. Who narrowly avoided being expelled from medical school because of his unorthodox, joy-inducing approach to healing. This is logical if you consider that happiness is simply one extreme end of an emotional continuum.

On the other end of which, lies unhappiness. With equilibrium, or balance — the fulcrum — in the middle. The instant one of these forces predominates, the body will begin to move out of a state of homoeostasis or balance. Our emotional states are little different. Those who want the fewest things are nearest to the gods. Socrates The seesaw of happiness If you want to be happy, you must also be prepared to be sad, because the nature of change means that you cannot and will not, remain permanently in one state.

Certainly not as a normal human being, anyhow. Meaning contentment or equilibrium. To make a seesaw work you have to take turns being down. Cynthia Copeland Lewis At the centre of a seesaw is the fulcrum or balance point. It simply means that mental and behavioural fluctuations are minimised. When the many are reduced to One, to what is the One reduced? With you dependent on the opinions and inputs of other people, for your state of mind. I suggest you consider an alternative. Give up on happiness and go for the contentment option. What we call happiness, in the strictest sense comes from the preferably sudden satisfaction of needs.

Desirelessness Sigmund Freud said it. Example: You see a Chanel linen suit and you simply have to own it. This is origination of the thought. Your mind will begin to revisit the thought again and again. This is the rumination phase. The more frequently it revisits the thought, the bigger and more compelling the thought becomes.

This is the amplification phase. Until you reach a point where you can validate why ownership of that suit is essential not only to your mental health, but to your business success, and the ecology of the planet! This is the celebration and concluding phase. But in the next second a new desire pops up. No wonder the Buddhists refer to our lives as the wheel of birth and death.

The wheel is given momentum by our thoughts and desires. So long as desire is present, we will remain caught in a repetitive cycle. We seem sometimes, to be incapable of learning this. The higher type of man is calm and serene; the inferior man is constantly agitated and worried.

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Cynthia Copeland Lewis Become like a valley and all things will flow unto you. Saints and sages over the millennia have said that peace, contentment or happiness is to be found only within you. As long as you search for balance or contentment externally, it will elude you. I know of two elderly brothers who are millionaires again and again. To what avail? Their ungrateful heirs are probably going to criticise them for not having better invested the money. Surely with that sort of money and at that age, you could be doing something truly worthwhile, on a grand scale, for those less fortunate?

This is a good example of enough never being enough. The principle applies not only to money, but to all material possessions. Our life is frittered away by detail My grandfather Red Jacket Sagoyewatha offered simple teachings. What am I doing to bring about peace and contentment? Yehwenode Twylah Nitsch , Seneca nation Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.

Maxim Gorky The hospice survey on regret An insurance company in South Africa conducted a special survey a few years ago. People in hospices and wards for the terminally ill in hospitals, were interviewed and asked among other questions, if they had regrets, and if so, what those were. Significantly, not one person complained of not working hard enough. There are often unresolved issues, fear and anger.

Think of people who are facing, or have dealt with, a life-threatening situation or disease. What is death? Then we will see in another dimension, on another vibratory frequency. In the case of Jesus, we believe it was Mother Mary who played the role of the female energy in his incarnation. With the Buddha, it was his mother. With Lord Rama, mother Sita. With Lord Krishna, mother Radha. With St. Francis, St. I am living in poverty but in peace.

Hopi people I walked into the laundry. Ladu, my beloved old female Rottweiler, was standing facing me. Her tail was wagging and she was looking at something in the open space between her and me. It was clearly taller than I. She was totally focussed on whoever or whatever it was. She was making the sound that she used when she encountered something new on the property — such as a chameleon or hedgehog. It took me some time to regain her attention. Several times afterwards, Ladu had the same experience, in different parts of the house. Whatever, or whoever it was, was standing literally at my head, while I was lying down.

Again, I felt no fear.

A few years prior, I was leaving for the office one morning. Papa, Mummy and a few devotees had stayed the night. Papa and the others would be departing in my absence. So science and spirituality are in perfect accord. What had form, now appears to be formless. What was a body is now transformed into a little box of ashes or is eaten by environmentally aware maggots. Ram — who complained bitterly about her lot in life. Let me die! Statistics show that a large number of males die within three years of retiring from formal employment.

It creates a healthy perspective to regard our entire life-path as a journey and not as a destination. The simple effort involved in attempting the advance, is in itself, growth. It is difficult but not impossible to conduct strictly honest business. What is true is that honesty is incompatible with the amassing of a large fortune. Now resident in Australia, he still is utterly without a sense of purpose, relevance or meaning.

Do you see how rich you really are? How privileged you are if you can find and maintain a sense of purpose in life? The love of money is the root of all evil. People sometimes wonder what purpose there is to contemplative orders of nuns or monks. Living in a totally cloistered environment, they appear not to have much relevance for the planet. Yet He said that her mite was worth a great deal more than a vast sum, coming from someone, to whom it meant little or no sacrifice at all.

If you had just six months to live, where would you shift your energy and attention? Once you know that, ask yourself where the focus of your energies and attention is right now. Assess the distance between where it is presently, and where it could or should go. Regret, Remorse, Revenge! A sad and unnecessary state.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Cherokee people I was too young to know what depression was or what it meant. My understanding of life at that point though, was that it was generally an unhappy business. Your family struggled financially. You never had what other kids seemed to have. Your parents were remote, complicated people who spent most of their time shouting at each other or weeping.

It was the weeping that got to me most. I had an obsessive fear that my mother would die. My fear was aggravated by the fact that I recognised her victim-vulnerability. Even at that stage, I understood that there must be options. Maybe go stay with my gran? And we were three. It sounded like some horrible thing you should have avoided being.

As if you were personally responsible for it. I have a very early recollection of abandonment. One group of seven boils clustered into what they called a carbuncle. The name sounded nautical to me. I was too afraid to ask anyone. My mother needed to be sent away, and without the baby — me. I was given into the care of my maternal grandmother. She was never strong on expressing emotional warmth, and the script for my future emotional insecurity now had a director. My mother and her mother had a dreadful relationship — one of mutual intolerance.

Many years out of childhood I discovered that my mother had spent several early-life years in an orphanage. There was something Dickensian and dreadful about it.

One Small Step Can Change Your Life by Robert Maurer

So she was Miss Graham, from Grahamstown. In later life, she met a man who, in age terms, could have been her father. He married her, loved her and doted on her. Hers was an authentic rags-to-riches and happiness story. My maternal uncle Bill did well in later life. Never visited or gave us anything, but we spoke about him in awed tones. I remember from pictures that he wore stylish hats. He made his money on the copper belt in the then Federation of Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

I never knew what the copper belt was, but I had this sense of a big shiny strip that somehow made people rich. We got the occasional postcard from uncle Bill. I think he just needed to let the others know that he was doing well, despite them. He never visited her. In later years, I got on very well with my maternal grandmother. The rest of the family never did. Waiting for me to arrive after school, to share cream cracker biscuits and tea with her. That was the ritual. So they were never crisp, and had a vaguely musty taste to them.

But I felt special about being her mid-afternoon guest.

Life Notes: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Life Notes: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
Life Notes: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Life Notes: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
Life Notes: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Life Notes: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
Life Notes: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Life Notes: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
Life Notes: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Life Notes: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
Life Notes: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Life Notes: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

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