How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse

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The Best Degrees for the Zombie Apocalypse

You'll probably want this to be from a remnant of your soon-to-be past and not a raspberry bush or particularly lively pond. A grocery store or even recently-deserted houses are your best bet. As you're scrounging, get a candy bar and chow it down. The last thing you want to think about right now is hunger. And stock up. Don't think in terms of days; think in weeks. Grab a few bags and start scrumping. What can you carry that'll last the longest?

Think in volume and weight in addition to preservation. Cans are good, but they're heavy. But if everything is already picked over, don't get fussy; take what you can get. You'll need just anything to survive. Get loads and loads and loads of water, or else you'll be drinking your pee in no time. Go on the defensive.

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It's safe to assume at this juncture that whatever is out there is not your friend. Find a weapon that you can actually use and start watching your six. When it comes to humans, there is no place for intelligence and culture now -- you do what you need to do. Conceal your weapons. You know that scene in Die Hard where Bruce had those guns taped to his back despite the fact that tape doesn't adhere easily to pools of sweat and pulled a one-over on that German villain either played by Jeremy Irons or Alan Rickman?

That's going to be you. No one's going to pull the wool over your eyes. You're a weapon yourself.

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Find other survivors. You've got your food, you've got your weapons, and you've staked out a place to stay. Now it's time to assemble a team a la The Walking Dead. Except that you want a team that is actually useful. When you consider taking on others they're mouths to feed, after all , assess what they can do for you. Do they know plants? Are they a wizard with a javelin? Are they carrying their own stockpile of food? Okay, you'll probably want friends so you shouldn't be too picky. If you're not going to assess them for their goods, at least consider their character.

Does your gut tell you they're trustworthy? If you're all alone, keep a look out for lights and fires at nighttime. If you see one or more, consider venturing out yourself to make new best friends, but only if you think the end would justify the means. How far away is the light? How quickly could you get there? What would you be risking by leaving?

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  5. Are there predators or obstacles in your path? You may be better off being alone, for now. Stay positive. This will arguably be the hardest thing, especially if you're alone or wounded. But ultimately this hardship will be easier to handle if you remain optimistic about it. And if there are children with you, all the more reason. The rules are different now. Just because you decided someone isn't pulling their slack and the team should, therefore, cut their losses doesn't mean you've turned into an animal.

    Assess your moralities as you see fit, but understand that the world is a much different place now and you must adapt to it to stay alive and fruitful. In the theoretical case of a future apocalypse: I find someone who is better-armed, better-supplied, and - in general - better-prepared than I. They're heavily armed, and look menacing. Should I try to forge an alliance, or risk fighting? Joshua Wiebelhaus. Do you have skills they would require?

    Are you a doctor, surgeon, blacksmith, mechanic? If you have useful skills like these and can handle yourself, then you are just as valuable to the other person as he is to you, still he may be mentally unstable or just a jerk so best be cautious. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful If nobody but your team can get in and all the doors have proper working locks, then yes. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Sunglasses will keep harsh light and glare out of your eyes, prevent sunburn around your eyes, can serve as a useful quick disguise and can help you to avoid eye contact with people begging for help or trying to suss you out.

    If you end up in harshly lit environments, they will help you to see with ease snow, desert, etc. It just makes sense to have sunglasses as one of your must-haves, especially as you may need to spend a lot of time outdoors. Not Helpful 21 Helpful If I find people, how would I know if they're nice and won't backstab me?

    You don't know. As such, never let down your guard. Be friendly but stay wary, be helpful but ever watchful. Assume nothing is certain than that anyone could turn when you least expect it. Not Helpful 14 Helpful Maybe, but maybe not. It depends on your relationship with them. If it's your long lost mother, it wouldn't hurt. If it's a guy you talked to once at a party, then you probably shouldn't. You'll want to find a group of people you can trust. You'll need to spend most of your time taking care of your child, and as such, won't have much time to go out and find food or water.

    Having someone to help gather necessities is a must. Not Helpful 5 Helpful It has its benefits and downsides. A benefit would be shelter and a common landmark for you and other survivors to meet, set up, etc. A downside would be that huge church stands out. Looters might target the church looking for anything they can find.

    Not Helpful 3 Helpful How much water do I need to get going? If I run out of it, is it safe to boil the water from rivers, because they are probably more polluted than before? If you live near a water source, take only one gallon. You can get more, would consume less than that each day. If you live in a desert climate, pack three gallons; the weight is worth it. When getting water, first filter and then boil it water is necessary for life, so you can't help but risk it.

    Not Helpful 1 Helpful You could make a spear with any stick, string and knife, just tie them together and you have it. There are lots of ways to make weapons, such as above. Even slingshots could do.

    Any knives or sharp objects could help. Under some circumstances, use bug spray to irritate. Not Helpful 26 Helpful But what if you have a child to protect? Do you have to teach him how to shoot, kill and hunt? Not Helpful 16 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Invest in a survival guide. If there is no internet in the world, you will need a guide that covers surviving when disaster strikes. Hide your vehicle if you are using one under trees, bridges or overpasses.

    Try and camouflage your vehicle. You never know what or who can be flying over. Even though most of us don't like it, fruit cake will last for over years without refrigeration or even in plastic storage bags. Stay hidden and out of sight. Never reveal your shelter by putting a big SOS sign on it. If possible, keep it looking deserted to avoid attracting attention. Never trust your own species. People are going to be hungry and thirsty and cannot be trusted. When you first meet them, they are either going to mug you for what you have or, even worse, kill you.

    Be prepared when meeting other humans, if you run into them - you run into them on your own terms. There is strength in numbers. If you are alone, you may wish to seek out others. Assess the situation at hand. Living on a farm will give you great advantage; an isolated area will protect you from most looters and raiders. Preparing a survival retreat beforehand and having a few extra hands around will help you survive the aftermath of Armageddon for years.

    Never let your guard down even when you think you are safe. Do not rely on any technological product as there is no guarantee that there will be a power source. Get a second citizenship. Having a second citizenship and passport will get you out of a collapsing country and into a stable one.

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    Survival isn't about the present, but also the future. Intercourse can both be used as a morale booster, as well as a way to ensure the future of your species. A hospital can be your best safe-house. Hospitals will run out of medicine, but their diesel-fueled backup generators will probably be ignored. You can get the generator running again, producing your own power. Turning off most of the breakers will prevent attracting attention since they will light up as a Christmas Tree, and you can take shelter in the Security room where you can use the surveillance cameras to keep an eye on the place.

    Try not to be greedy and share stuff. Do not give out your weapons. Don't carry too much food as this will affect your running. Stick to less travel grounds. Looters and raiders will expect people to travel on the pre-disaster roads, which they will tackle them, kill them, strip their kill of whatever they have, and leave the corpse to rot.

    Stick to less traveled routes like rail lines for instance, unless there isn't a compass available, try to avoid main routes altogether. Try recreating society. Make some kind of surviving group to bring man back on it's legs. It might take longer than your own life to do it, but it's worth the try.

    Always suspect you're being watched. If you're moving sprightly, your likelihood of being attacked by anything gets diminished. Always be on the watch for enemies on two legs, four legs, or no legs at all. Apart from the above weapons and style to overcome a zombie, you can also go for zombie tactical weapons like kukri, kopi or a machete. Katana swords are also quite an attracting weapon for killing zombies.

    Never use your best knife for a weapon. Sharpen a stick instead or use rocks. If you break your knife, you may not get another one. Fortify your base with wood spike walls, wall mounted crossbows for a quick kill near a window and your own alarm traps. Trip wires connected to bells can warn about enemies beforehand. Don't neglect hygiene. It would be really foolish if you were all prepared for the apocalypse and your downfall came from the fact that your hands were dirty.

    You should especially take care to brush your teeth, as studies have shown that there is a direct link between the health of your mouth and the health of the rest of your body. Stock up on toiletries, cloth and other items that can be used to improvise, replace or repair what you already have or that is hard to get a hold of. Food will be scarce but so will many items you can't make from scratch. Dried fruit lasts longer than normal fruit and is a good way to get vitamins.

    Frequency range is UHF MHz;16 pre-programmed channels;each radio has identical frequency on each of the Each radio comes with a mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and a charging dock; the charger comes with an AC wall-wart Complementing No. They can also save lives if one or two of you get in a bad state and need backup.

    Remember, in these zombie scenarios, the humans can often be worse than the infected. In other words, get moving! And when you do get moving, invest in a waterproof map of your travel area. Also, pack a compass — or better yet, wear one — for directional support. Perfect compact lightweight binoculars for bird watching. Can be Used for both day and night low-light-level night Large field of view.

    Focusing in on your target for brilliant detail at yards out. Fully multi-coated lenses, waterproof, hyper-durable anti-slip grip gives you everything you want. Light-weight and can Inevitably you will be in a situation where you have to travel at night, so that means getting the proper gear for visibility. Also, you will want to stay aware of the terrain ahead.

    For this, invest in some form of optic, preferably a monocular or some binoculars so you can check downrange to see what nasty surprises may be awaiting you. Award-winning LifeStraw water filter is a must-carry tool for hiking, camping, travel, and emergencies; no disaster kit Filters up to liters of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals; does not require batteries Removes minimum Staying clean may not be the first thing on your list of priorities when raving lunatics are trying to eat you, but it is vital to your long-term survival.

    For starters, staying clean can work wonders for your spirits and promote a sense of togetherness with your fellow travelers. Anything you can do to decrease discomfort, basically, will keep you moving forward with the right outlook. The nomadic nature of surviving a Zombie Apocalypse means that you will find yourself in quite a few situations where you have to brave the elements. Wide open spaces mean that you have more freedom to move and to get away.

    Exceedingly low or high temperatures can put you in as much jeopardy as a brain-eater. Therefore, you need to travel wisely. Keep blankets, bivvys, tents, ponchos, etc. Furthermore, consider adding some multi-use items like paracord, which can be great for hanging laundry. You will survive a Zombie Apocalypse for much longer if you have the tools and strategy necessary for sustainability. As you load up, keep in mind that you want a high performance bullet or slug on account of the zombie brain.

    Make sure you pick up something like these R. The R. Our Paracord has a smooth texture that doesn't fray with Paracord was already mentioned under No.

    How To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Top 7 Must-Haves

    Just how much can you do with paracord? Survival Life put together an impressive list of 80 functions. Among them: tying tarps to trees, holding items in place for easy access i. It your long-term survival food today by shopping a SurvivalCaveFood. First Aid Only Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit, Soft Case Contains essential first aid supplies for treating minor aches and injuries Clear plastic liner in nylon case for organization and easy access to first aid supplies in an emergency Soft sided, zippered case ideal for home, travel and on the go use Check Price.

    Careful, though. Keep in mind that just because it is the Zombie Apocalypse, that does not mean that the world is without the means of producing power. If Thomas Edison can pull it off, then so can a group of survivors raised on iPhones and Internet.

    Survive the Zombie Apocalypse With Skills from Adventure Sports

    Human knowledge is at an all-time high, so expect electricity to go on even after the fall of civilization. For this reason, you may wish to stock up on whatever power sources that you can find — generators, chargers, solar paneling, etc. No matter what you believe in, you have to believe there is something bigger than yourself in order to make the most of your survival efforts.

    How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse
    How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse
    How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse
    How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse
    How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse
    How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse

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