Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology)

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American Horror Story

They come from very different backgrounds and lead very different parishes, but they are bound together in their shared pursuit of thwarting the devil. You have Ryan Murphy to thank for the wave of anthologized programming on TV these days, and he kicked it off with Horror Story. The quality of the show wildly dips and ascends across the seven seasons so far, but it consistently delivers some seriously messed-up programming and some reliably fantastic performances from a troupe of actors that will go to seemingly any length for their dark leader.

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AHS will always go big, and almost always go gruesome. McGinley as Stan, a curmudgeonly New England ex-sheriff battling demons in his small town.

Inside No.9

This is a fully sanctioned continuation of the Evil Dead chronicles from Starz, brought to you by Sam and Ivan Raimi, and starring Bruce Campbell as an older, but still utterly incorrigible Ash Williams. It stars Patrick Fugit as a man who has severe PTSD after dealing with the possession of his mother during his teenage years. The series is based on the comic of the same name.

This Australian series available on Shudder is based on the popular film of the same name from director Greg McLean, who also serves as showrunner. As if it could exist without him, John Jarratt reprises his role as the infamous Mick Taylor, a maniacal serial killer living in the outback who targets a new victim, or a group of victims, each season. A third Wolf Creek movie is said to be on the way, while a third season of the show has yet to be announced.

You know what you should never try to do? Reopen an abandoned summer camp or ski resort. The first season of the show is currently streaming on Shudder, and the second season was reportedly in production early last year. Another Scandinavian series, Jordskott also streams on Shudder. Jun 30, Kimberly rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-own , story-collections , lohf , horror-after-dark , atmospheric , creepy-kids , dark , death , ghost , haunting.

Single author collections--as well as anthologies--are often a hit-or-miss deal for me. In a multi-author anthology, I figure there's a good chance I'll like at least half of the tales, with a few stand-outs. However, when you have a book of offerings all written by the same person, the results tend to be more uneven--at least, in my opinion.

Everything--aside from the particular 4. How is their style? Does every story sound the same, or do the themes vary? Do the characters remind you of dozens of others, or are they somewhat unique and imaginative? This particular book consisted of 15 individual tales, each of varying length and topic.

Of these, I rated the vast majority five-stars, based on their style, originality, and the fact that they were able to affect me with occasional shivers, looking over my shoulder, and two stories in particular have me never wanting to venture into my basement again! The rest I rated four-stars, with the exception of only two tales. Of those two, one I simply didn't "connect with" --my own personal taste. The other felt like a variation of a common theme. To be fair, that one did have its own twists, but they didn't surprise me particularly.

Overall, I am looking at a solid collection of stories that I would not hesitate to recommend to other horror fans out there.

Lingering Things and Other Dark Tales: A Horror Anthology

Some personal favorites of mine included: --"The Lonely": This one hit all the right emotions. At times almost poetic, it was poignant and deep reaching--making me feel for the characters. This one would make a good start to a novella or novel length book, in my humble opinion. I felt that its placement in the collection, and the meaning behind it, was the absolute perfect choice. Sums this one up in one word.

"Trailer" Creepypasta 💀 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

This is one of those stories that carries nearly too much of an element of truth in it. I just couldn't shake that creeping sensation afterwards! I don't have to almost drown to appreciate breathing. This inclusion was short and simple , yet genuinely gave me chills that lasted long after I finished it. I can still vividly recall the effectively set atmosphere and each individual scene.

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  7. I've re-read this one twice so far and have gotten the same feeling each time! Told from the point-of-view of kids, this was very effective in conveying the underlying wonder, terror, and fear of their situation directly to the reader. To say this one got under my skin is putting it mildly!

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    They said that they heard the other voices. One additional note: the illustrations in the book were perfect alongside the stories. Highly recommended. View 2 comments. Jun 17, Jess rated it it was amazing. I want to thank the author so much for giving me a beautiful copy of her book for a review! With that said, I think all the short stories in this collection had given me the creeps in their own way.

    I sat down and binge read this book in a day and I am NOT sorry! Very talented work and very kind hearted person! If you like short, creeptastic, and spine tingling stories that may have you up all night Jun 18, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: horror. Very good book of horrors! So much time is spent discussing accelerated decomposition methods, and weak on-screen chemistry would have been a major buzzkill.

    Dark Things II (a Horror Anthology) : Ty Schwamberger :

    Bateman — ironic given his American Psycho vibes — and Rebecca Rittenhouse explore a different dynamic, equally enticing but more reflective of societal boredom. The more Wilkes allows Maggie into his dark web world, the more her good girl veneer rusts away.

    www.juraa.com/images/novel/i-grandi-mangiatori-di-romagna-61-microstorie-italian-edition.php Again, worse performances would have made this a generic dance of fluttering eyes at a suited-up wolf. Not here. Some aspects work gangbusters. Also, the metal surgical tray?

    Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology) Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology)
    Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology) Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology)
    Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology) Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology)
    Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology) Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology)
    Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology) Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology)
    Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology) Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology)
    Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology) Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology)
    Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology) Dark Things III (A Horror Anthology)

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