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Pastor Yahoo. Just look at another bible translation. Have a short list of go-to comparison translations, with a whole spectrum of translation philosophies. All the Good Ones. You have a whole host of good resources in English bible translations.

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They each have different translation philosophies. Hi Tyler, I enjoyed your article.

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You provided a lot of good information and I learned some things. You mentioned that there has not been a major translation from the Byzantine text but I thought you might be interested in a minor one — The Analytical Literal Translation. I do sometimes find them useful to get other ideas about how to communicate and illustrate a passage. I would start by studying the passage in several translations so I know what it says. Afterwards I may consult paraphrases, notes and commentaries. These can add to my understanding but can also be hit or miss.

Kevin, thanks for your comment — and for the tip about the ALT. There is another Byzantine translation out there, too. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content The Eccentric Fundamentalist Musings on theology, apologetics, practical Christianity and God's grace in salvation through Jesus Christ.

Why so many English versions? Each major Christian publisher has commissioned and produced its own translation. Zondervan has the NIV. Crossway has the ESV. Tyndale House owns the NLT. What are the differences between translations? New Testament textual basis There are basically three options for bible translators and scholars to use when it comes to the New Testament; 1 the Textus Receptus, 2 a Byzantine text, or 3 an eclectic text. What are the differences between these different Greek New Testaments?

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Speaking evil The Greek syntax is tricky here. The day of His visitation What does that even mean? Which translations should you compare? Extraordinarily literal.

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  4. This is the most literal version in English today. More literal translation.

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    Old-fashioned, beautiful. May be hard to understand.

    Authorized – The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible – Review

    The old standard for mainline Protestant denominations in the middle of last century. This is the translation I use. A revision of the RSV. Elegant, modern English. Very solid choice. A year-old revision of the KJV. Modern English. Solid choice.

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    Literal translation. This is a completely original translation, commissioned by the Southern Baptists. Trends towards thought-for-thought. A 3rd revision was published posthumously after he died in , which uses the term Jehovah for God where previously it had used LORD in small capitals. Highlight or Bookmark your favorite verses, make Verse Images that you can share, and attach public or private Notes to Bible passages. Download the free app and access your bookmarks, notes, and reading plans from anywhere.

    Enjoy hundreds of versions, including audio, all on your mobile device. Robert Young Robert Young was a Scottish scholar and publisher.

    We think we understand what is being said. It even makes sense in context. Unfortunately, this causes us to misunderstand the context completely. We can read right over them, assuming we understand. Ward demonstrates several difficulties through stories and common Scriptures that are often memorized. He does point out that none of them affect doctrine. The problem is the great number of them. They occur in every book of the Bible. He covers 6 of these issues in detail, discusses 2 stories, and lists 25 others.

    There are far more that this in the KJV, but these examples are enough to get the point across. He shows many others throughout the book. He shows how language changes over time and how that affects meaning of words and phrases. He provides many examples of this. He shows how the KJV punctuation makes it more difficult to understand some passages. This is fixed in the New Cambridge Paragraph Bible which is one reason I recommend it over a standard vbv edition with out-of-date punctuation. One of my favorite sections covers the reading level of the KJV.

    Ward demonstrates how computers actually perform a reading-level text and shows the problems with testing the KJV. Ward takes this much further with a detailed analysis, comparing words, sentence structure, punctuation, and even typography. I especially like his points on language in the vernacular. He demonstrates from Scripture that a translation should be in the vernacular and that the KJV was written in the vernacular of a different audience. God spoke in the vernacular.

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    He also shows what the KJV translators themselves thought about translations and discusses what they expected to happen over time. He answers 10 objections to reading the Bible in the vernacular. At the end of the book is a list of notes with links to articles and lots of books for further reading. In other words, his arguments are solid, valid, and applicable to all KJV readers today. Ward demonstrates. It has nothing to do with manuscripts or translation philosophy.

    It has everything to do with language. He leaves that up to you and your own research.

    Read it in parallel with another translation. Read another translation for a while and see what you understand. He demonstrates the need for multiple translations. He describes his points with illustrations that are clear. He includes the right kind and the right amount of humor. I highly recommend this book to every KJV reader. For more information about Dr.

    Analytical-Literal Translation: Devotional Version Analytical-Literal Translation: Devotional Version
    Analytical-Literal Translation: Devotional Version Analytical-Literal Translation: Devotional Version
    Analytical-Literal Translation: Devotional Version Analytical-Literal Translation: Devotional Version
    Analytical-Literal Translation: Devotional Version Analytical-Literal Translation: Devotional Version
    Analytical-Literal Translation: Devotional Version Analytical-Literal Translation: Devotional Version
    Analytical-Literal Translation: Devotional Version Analytical-Literal Translation: Devotional Version

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